Want son drug test ex-husband does not?

by Elizabeth

What is my recourse if I want my minor son to be drug tested and my ex-husband does not? I would appreciate a quick reply because this issue is up for “resolution” at noon today. Thanks!


by: Ned Wicker

Dear Elizabeth,

If you want your son drug tested it is because you have good reason to suspect that he may be using. Moms can often sense what’s going on long before anybody says anything. Is dad afraid of something and if he is, what is it?

Athletes are routinely drug tested, as are law enforcement officials, medical professionals and the like. You can also home test if you choose. I’d say it’s time for a good conversation about what is in your son’s best interest.

When the parents aren’t together the child is often the pawn in the argument. You both have to put that aside and come to an agreement. In today’s world, I side with drug testing. I know that “little Johnny” would never do that, but don’t count on it. Kids make bad decisions, even good kids, so the drug testing is another way to help protect them.

Josh Hamilton, the center fielder for the Texas Rangers, a former drug addict, welcomes the testing because he shows him to be clean. People who scream and holler about a violation of their rights, or an invasion of privacy, are often the ones who have something to hide.

You hang in there. If there is evidence to be gathered, then gather it. If you can prove your case, he has to come around. What has been going on in your child’s life that has led you to the point of thinking drug testing is necessary? That case has to be fortified.

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