What happens after rehab?

by Mame Wondi

(Houston, Texas)

My 21 years old son used almost all street drugs such as cocaine, met. acid bath salt pot LSD and alcohol. He is currently in rehab and will be coming home in 3 weeks.

He stopped using alcohol and drugs including cigarette for almost 3 months before going to rehab He picked up smoking in rehab and lied to me about it in 3 occasions.

He is tricking me into giving him money for snack when I know very well he is going to buy cigarettes with it. He has attended AA, NA and CA meetings and also has a sponsor before going into rehab.

I came to know about his addiction because someone he was doing drugs with passed away in Feb. this year.

I do not trust him and am worried about having him live with me. I am his only support but I am scared to death.

Put Your Foot Down

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Mame,

It’s very difficult for a mother to put any restrictions on an adult child. He’s your son and you love him, but at the same time he has a terrible problem. His drug use has taken over. He lies to you. He denies his problem. He needs treatment. Recovery is not just a part of rehab, it is a way of life.

People stay in recovery for years, not just staying sober, but learning to reclaim their lives and repair damaged relationships. Your son has to turn things around and stop hanging out with drug users. His friend’s death probably had no impact on him because he refuses to believe that he too could die. Don’t give him money and don’t let him use drugs of any kind in your home. Get him into treatment. Make him go to 12 step meetings daily and work the steps,

Call Al-Anon and get support and counsel for yourself as well. You need to educate yourself so none of his tricks will work.

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