What to tell my son??? ASAP!

I recently learned that my sons’ mother is shooting up a half gram of meth a day. She will not be allowed to see him until I have proof of detox.

What do I tell him?

I don’t want him to think his mom doesn’t love him and/or has abandoned him. We are currently in a parenting plan case, but after learning of her problem, will be turning into a custody case.

Please, if someone has advice for me on anything that might help, including the steps to do so and maybe legal advice.

We live in Washington State and it has been several days since he has seen his mom so I need advice soon.

Try to Help

by: Ned Wicker

I am not a lawyer and cannot help you with any legal matters. If it is your desire to keep the relationship alive, here is a suggestion.

Not knowing the age of your child I suggest tell your son, in an age-appropriate way, that his mother does love him, but she has a brain disease, which is exactly what her problem is.

Addiction is a brain disease, which strips the individual of any ability to choose. The meth is highly addictive and it’s got her by the throat. As painful as a custody battle can be, I’d go to the mat to protect my boy. His mother is sick and she needs treatment. She needs to get her life back.

I am not suggesting that you use your son as a pawn in this fight, but if she is interested in being a responsible mother, the drugs have to go. Left unchecked and without treatment, the meth habit will rot her away.

You may not be with her anymore, but I hope you still want the best for her and that means getting into treatment to beat this dreadful disease. She will never be cured, but she can certainly manage her disease and lead a healthy, productive life. She can be a great mom.

Maybe if you can explain this to your son, you and he can both help his mom. You can set a marvelous example of compassion and concern by trying to help, not punish. You can show your son that you understand that he needs his mother and he should love his mother.

Again, you can strengthen the bond with your son, help his mother and protect him. However, you need to be alert and not allow your son to be in a drug house. Ultimately, that’s a decision that she is going to have to make.

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