Why a child becomes an INTENSE DRUG USER (IDU)?

by Zeeshan

Hi. I want to know about what causes a child to be a drug addict. is there any peer pressure on him or something else like that.. kindly answer and mail me about the possible causes of why a child becomes an INTENSE DRUG USER (IDU)?

Kindly answer please.



Keep Your Eyes open

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Zeeshan,

Drug Addiction is a brain disease. Children are much more susceptible to this disease because they start using so young. Their brain is not fully developed. If a child starts using drugs in his/her early teen years, they are far more vulnerable than they would be if they waited until 21 or older to try.

There is no real predictor of addiction, but teenagers who have money and access to drugs are easy prey.

Yes, there is peer pressure from friends and acquaintances who think they are cool, but who really have no idea whatsoever the dangers they leave themselves open to experiencing.

That is why parents need to get smart to see what is going on in the lives of their teenaged sons and daughters. That is why parents need to be parents and not “buddies” to their kids.

There is also a genetic component, which seems to indicate that if mom and dad use drugs, including alcohol, the child is much more likely to follow suit.

If you are concerned about your child, open your eyes and watch what’s happening.

Children are pearls future

by: dodyudia

A child can become addicted to the internal and external factors. Closest internal environment (family) would certainly be the most perfect examples in the initiation phase of growth of a child, especially if the emulated is his mother.

Outside the family environment (interacting) can be a contributing factor or brake for children to promote the intent to consume drugs or not.
Another factor is the accessibility of children to drugs and religious factors.

The first step is to heal his mother. Encourage the child to communicate openly and see examples of the harmful effects of narcotics addiction in the mother, so that would make him think 1000x moment will try to enjoy the sweet promise of the consumption of narcotics.

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by: Dr. Zeeshan

Thank you sir for kindness.. I hope you will help me in future too..
with regards,
Dr.Zeeshan AbdulNasir

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