Young mother one step away from death.

by kelly mcandrews


I have a 24yr old daughter who is addicted to heroin and other drugs for years now, with no desire to get help because she feels she doesn’t need it.

She has a two year old son who was born addicted but is now a healthy and happy little boy but is not with his mother because she lost custody of him to his father due to drugs.

I thought that would make her realize that her addiction was a problem, but I was wrong.

She has hepatitis and herpes and is not being treated for it. She has o.d several times, she has stolen from family members, robbed houses and cars and done other things I’m to ashamed to mention to feed her habit.

My family and I want to find a way for her to get help, to get clean. As a mother I should not have to bury my daughter before me.

I need an intervention, I need HELP to save her life. Any suggestions or anything would greatly be appreciated. It is so difficult to make them realize there is more to life than drugs.

Thank you

Prep Yourself

by: Ned Wicker

You know you need an intervention for your daughter, so my suggestion is to consult with one of the following–your doctor, a local drug treatment center, or a local hospital. Seek out the guidance of a trained interventionist or drug addiction professional and get started on a game plan to help your daughter.

You can’t do this by yourself. When a woman loses custody of her children and still doesn’t get it, that is a sure sign that her disease has progressed to the point where nothing else matters to her.

She is out of control.

She is not capable of making any rational, intelligent decision concerning her drug use, mainly because the disease prevents it.

Do not believe anything she tells you, and you can count on plenty of resistance.

If she agrees to treatment, make sure she is taken there and not allowed to go on her own. An interventionist will already have a plan and he/she is your salvation in terms of putting everything together for you.

The family needs to rally together, take its direction from a professional, and stand firm against the disease that is controlling her life.

Al-Anon is a wonderful organization for helping those who are in your position of trying to help a loved one.

Do this today, because today is when you start getting your daughter back.

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