15 year old living on the streets?

by Jessica

My 15 year old daughter (16 in December) has been living on the streets in a really rough neighborhood for the better part of 5 months.

She is using crack, meth, ether, ecstasy, pot and drinking excessively. She works as a prostitute. She gets picked up by the police and they don’t charge her with anything. I am forced to pick her up and bring her home whether or not she is drunk or high.

She comes home and takes off again. She has been in rehab and psychiatric treatment facilities 7 times.

She has been diagnosed with Conduct Disorder. I have Multiple Sclerosis and it is progressing because of the stress. She doesn’t want help, she lies, she dropped out of school.

Dreadful Situation

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Jessica,

Your daughter cannot be allowed to make decisions for herself. She lacks the capacity to reason, the result of being 15 and using drugs. Your story is heart breaking.

It sounds like the police don’t care about her deteriorating health condition and by merely arresting her for prostitution and throwing her out again, she just continues the cycle. Call Al-Anon and allow them to assist.

Also, check out teen challenge, which has an excellent reputation for helping kids in trouble. Their web site is http://teenchallengeusa.com/. There are so many things going on, but start by getting help for yourself, then form a plan to help your daughter.

I know you probably have already tried, but maybe you can have a conversation with the police chief and ask him for his/her help. She needs to be off the streets, away from the dope, in treatment and she cannot be allowed any choice. I will pray for her, that God gives you a solution.

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