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by Joy Brooke

(New York)

Growing up I had an older brother who I looked up to…I thought he was the coolest person in the world so naturally I followed in his footsteps…that included his addictions to cocaine.

Together we tried cocaine, and together we became addicted, but separately we are recovering.

In high school I lived off cocaine…I couldn’t get myself up in the morning without blowing a line off the bathroom sink. In a nutshell- it took over my life and my brother’s too.

My brother is still an addict but I am trying to overcome my addiction. BUT now that I am in college it is so hard to avoid it. It’s everywhere…and nobody understands what I went through..and I don’t have the courage to tell them.

I need support to help get overcome my addiction and avoid falling back into the trap while I’m surrounded by it. I think if I tell my friends, they will be more aware and know not to offer it to me..but I fear that they will drop me as a friend and judge me for my past.

What should I do?

How should I seek help?

Support System

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Joy,

Recovery can quickly be derailed if we allow ourselves to be around our drug of choice all the time. I know that college is a drug seeker’s candy shop, but you have to avoid contact with the party people, who either are completely unaware of the disastrous impact of cocaine, or are so stupid they don’t think addiction can sit on their doorstep.

Have you considered NA for support and guidance? Recovering addicts are great teachers and nobody understands the pain and misery better than one who has walked through the tunnel.

If you are serious about recovering, you need to be up front with that and either tell people to quit offering cocaine to you, or better yet, get with a new crowd of people who don’t think they need drugs to find fulfillment and prosperity.

It’s all about lifestyle and making the right choices. You, I think, already know that.

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