Direct TV ads funny and somehow familiar.

I love the new Direct TV ads, particularly the one where the guy ends up selling his hair in Las Vegas. I’m never watching the ad very closely so I don’t know what caused him to sell his hair? Then the next time the ad is on I watch the entire ad and then I finally understand what happened to him. There is another ad about ending up with Charlie Sheen, also very funny. Both ads are funny because that’s how many experience Las Vegas, they go, start drinking and then end up somewhere and they’re not sure how they got there. There is however an element of it that’s not so funny that can parallel addiction. You start out drinking/using for “fun” in high school and before you know it, you’re addicted, living on the street, broke and homeless. Not funny but a similar experience to the ad. Many say that there is a fine line between comedy and tragedy and these ads are really good examples of that. Drinking occasionally in Las Vegas and ending up selling your hair is really funny, missing your entire young adult life because of addiction isn’t. But it’s that reality that makes these ads very effective and ultimately very funny.For those interested in Direct TV, which is service that replaces cable, here are a couple of websites you may be interested in: dx3 direct tv,

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