Teen Drug Abuse:
Are Parents Partly To Blame?

by Agnes Embile Jimenez, Guest Blogger

Some parents blame themselves for their teen's drug use while others blame their child for making poor decisions. In some cases, parents place the blame on their teen's friends.

Although peer pressure plays a large role in drug use, the behavior of parents often contributes to the problem. In some cases, parents fail to monitor their child. Busy parents may not keep track of their teen's whereabouts. Parents may be working long hours, which give a rebellious child plenty of time to experiment with drugs without getting caught.

Too Busy

Parents who do not spend much time at home usually have many excuses as to why they are so busy. Any parent who has a child who is doing drugs needs to figure out a way to be there for their child after school and on weekends so they can keep an eye on the teen.

Parents who are unable or unwilling to monitor their child consistently should consider sending their teen to a boarding school where they will have rules to follow each day. Children who have parents who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and do any type of drugs are more likely to engage in the same behaviors. Parents who get drunk or smoke marijuana cannot expect their teens to listen to their lectures on the dangers of drug use.

Not setting a good example

Parents who take certain prescription drugs such as strong painkillers may also be setting a bad example. Teens may even steal alcohol, drugs or prescription medication from their parents because it is readily available. Some teens begin taking drugs because they have had a difficult childhood or they are not happy with their current home life. They may feel depressed and confused and do not want to deal with the pain they are experiencing.

Teens often feel like they don't fit in at school and if their home life is unpleasant as well the child may begin to take drugs to escape his or her misery. A child that is taking drugs needs to go to rehab and receive counseling.

May need help

Parents also need therapy to find out what changes they need to make in order to support any positive life changes that their child makes. Parents can find a list of rehabilitation programs and therapists online at TheFamilyCompass.com website. The site provides helpful information for parents who have a troubled teen.

Parents who are interested in sending their child to a boarding school in the United States can visit the website to see a list of alternative boarding schools that offer great programs for troubled teens.

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Are Parents Partly To Blame?

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A responsible parent
by: Anonymous

I agree that if parents have not done everything that they possibly can for their teenagers then they are partly to blame for their drug abuse. However, if a parent has open and honest communication with their teenagers, along with being there for them, I don’t think parents should be to blame for their teenager’s drug abuse.

As a responsible parent you are going to feel pain and guilt if your teenager makes the wrong decision when it comes to drugs but you have to realize though, that at some point the responsibility has to become theirs. No matter what you do or say to your teenager ultimately it is their decision on what they are going to do.

This is probably the hardest part as a responsible caring parent to overcome. Letting go and understanding that your teenager is their own person who has to make their own choices is no easy task. For some parents it is impossible for them to come to grips with this and will always feel like they failed. I believe that letting go and understanding that they are to blame for their choices is the only way to hold your teenager accountable and part of the process for them to get help.

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