What, as parent, should I do?

My daughter was released from a 10 day stay of detox and rehab for Xanax and pain medication.

She has a 4mo old at home (she lives with her father and I)and her boyfriend (child’s father) lives with us also.

She was acting strange and appears to have formed an attachment to one of the young men who was also in rehab.

She ignored her boyfriend and child to spend the evening texting and going on Facebook to talk to this young man.

What, as a parent, should I do or say to influence her actions or should I do anything at all?

I feel like the hurricane is here and I haven’t had time to shutter the house.

She has had all this help and I am struggling to catch up.

Bad Things Brewing

by: Ned Wicker

The major concern for anyone who has gone through the detoxification process is relapse.

Detox is one thing, but it is not a residential treatment program, nor is it recovery.

It isn?t surprising that she meets this guy in the treatment facility and they form a relationship.

They are both users and their relationship is likely based on using together.

The Xanax might have been out of her system, but she is still an addict.

Is her boyfriend, the one living with you, also an addict?

If he isn?t using, maybe she?s lost interest in him.

She might think he?s trying to change her, or sees him as an annoyance.

Does she use while she is caring for her child?

The child?s father might have a custody battle with your daughter.

You might be better off making sure the child is cared for, telling the live-in father to find another place and going full steam on getting your daughter into a long-term treatment facility and away from her new boyfriend.

I realize this is kind of an ugly tale, but it this situation isn?t pretty and I can see the possibility of things going very, very wrong.

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