19 year old son needs help not prison/jail

by face

(green bay wi usa)

A few weeks ago my 19 year old son came to me seeking help with his addiction/depression. He is addicted to pills and pot. He was charged with armed robbery and first degree reckless endangerment. It has been reduced to party to the crime of armed robbery. He has no criminal record. What can I do to convince judge/da he needs help not prison/jail?

Call Al-Anon

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Face,

Going before a judge is sort of like the luck of the draw. Some see the situation much like you and I do, it’s far better, and less expensive, to order treatment and a good recovery program than it is to incarcerate and have to waste tax payer dollars on prison. So many kids get the prison term but no help in fighting the addiction.

The plea bargain has already reduced the severity of his sentence, so his lawyer really needs to help you get the treatment for your son. I suppose you could also write a letter to the court, asking them for help in treating your son. If he does get a break, your son needs to respond with gratitude and follow through on everything the court demands of him.

Meanwhile, you also need help and support. I recommend Al-anon for you, as their members will understand your situation and can guide you through the process. It’s not just a matter of being brave, it’s also a matter of education and support. You will be well served by giving them a call.

Regardless of what happens, you son needs to get his life back on track, so if he gets treatment, consider it a gift. If he is sent up, many prisons ahave good drug programs and he may be able to get the help he needs in there, while having some time to think about the choices he has made in life and determine where he wants to go.

Believe it or not, prison does not have to be the end of the world. I know of a young man who spent six years in prison for selling drugs, but has since flourished in life and is CEO of a company. It can be done.

19 year old son

by: facece

I realize there’s programs in prison. Alex made a terrible choice to hang with the two friends that we had both agreed on were trouble. He didn’t have a gun but one boy did.

I believe he deserves punishment for going back to that crowd and he had a choice to take himself from that situation. My point is his punishment should not be prison. There are plenty other alternatives on top of treatment.

He was held on probable cause of armed robbery and first degree reckless endangerment. They charged him with party to the crime. He needs the help more than anything.

He lived his life with me for 17 years while I was an active using crackhead. I have been a recovering crackhead for 2 and half years. My question is how to let judge aware how I feel?

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