Illegal Addiction: Easy Access

Illegal Addiction

Illegal Addiction: Easy Access To Drugs Leads To Problems

“Bob” was a registered nurse and participating in a short-term out-patient recovery program. Unlike many people who come into rehab, Bob knew he had a problem, knew that if the problem was left unchecked it would likely ruin his family life, his career and he was highly motivated to do his part.

Been in trouble before

Bob had gotten into trouble at work for supplementing his prescribed pain medication with other medications found in the unit's medicine room. Bob could have faced far worse consequences for stealing these drugs-- at minimum, his nursing license would have been removed. What he'd done was illegal, and he knew it, but when a drug is in control nothing else is considered.

Finding a friend

Bob shuffled along in his treatment. He spent long periods of time alone in his hotel room, but participated in all group sessions and individual treatment time.

During a Bible study, Bob told one of the members of the group that he was a baseball umpire who had ascended through the ranks to work NCAA games. As it turned out, another member was also an umpire, who was just getting started. The two struck up a conversation, and it was soon decided that, if the local member could find a place for Bob, the two would work a game together. The day came, the local umpire threw together a uniform for Bob, and the two went off to the game.

Three hours of freedom

The day came, the local umpire threw together a uniform for Bob, and the two went off to the game. It was nothing unusual; a mens league event, played at a nicely manicured minor league baseball park some 40 miles from the treatment center.

The new umpire worked behind the plate and Bob took the bases, using the moments between innings to encourage and instruct his partner, who saw him as someone confident, experienced, and highly skilled. For three hours on a Sunday afternoon, Bob was not a drug addict, but the crew chief at a men's baseball game.

During the next few days, Bob's progress accelerated, which raised some concern with a therapist who believed Bob's attitude was too good to be true, that something else had to be going on.

“They say I'm depressed,” Bob told his friend.

I'm not at all depressed. I'm quite the opposite. For the first time, I feel like I'm getting better.”

Soon after the game, Bob was discharged. After returning home, he called his umpiring buddy and told him, “A friend of mine here said God would put somebody in my life at the treatment center who would have more to do with my recovery than anyone else. That was you.”

Recovering addicts can't do it alone. It takes the support of relationships. A sense of normality, a few hours of frivolity on a Sunday afternoon, and a loving hand up from a friend made all the difference to help Bob create his happy ending.

Heroin... Black death

I am 22 years old and recovering from a very rough 2 year addiction to heroin. I'm not like most addicts, I got addicted hard and quick.

I was shooting up about a gram a day within 6 months. My life went on an endless spiral downwards. I detoxed about every other month but went right back as soon as i was released and went to rehab more then eight times and every time I was released from that, i relapsed immediately as well... I was what most would call a hopeless cause...

Until I met my soul mate, Billy*, he was the light that brought me back to life... I was detoxing for what felt like the thousandth time, nothing different until I met him...

He made me smile, laugh, feel again when i'd numbed myself for so long... i wanted to hold onto that feeling of good forever... i called him the day i was released.

He was out soon after and he was moving 2 states I followed him to where he was going to get away from the drugs and addicts i knew... I'm proud to say, we are about to get married and start a family and I've been drug free since!

Love is a Powerful Remedy
by: Ned Wicker

In the 12 Step process, we talk about a power greater than ourselves. I am pleased that you have a friend, a soul mate and that you got out of the drug culture.

Rehab is a great thing, but if you go right back to the old haunts and seeing your old user friends, it's easy to relapse. Recovery is about rebuilding a new life and it sounds like you are firmly going down that path.

Well done.

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Summary of Illegal Addiction:

Illegal Addiction can often start will a legal prescription that is abused and becomes an addiction.

Illegal Addiction rarely has a good outcome unless the addict gets help and gets treatment.

and Finally Remember:

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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