OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts

OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts

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OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts

OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts

FACT: Oxycontin (Oxycodone) is an opiate pain medication. Opiates are narcotics and are heavily regulated.

FACT: Oxycontin is highly addictive and is often abused for recreational use.

FACT: Oxycontin is derived from the codeine alkaloid from the Asian poppy seed plant and is a combination of the opiate drug plus acetaminophen.

FACT: Opiates medications used to control pain.

FACT: Opiates have been used and abused for 6000 years, there is nothing new under the sun.

FACT: When the poppy seed is raw, a white, milky substance oozes from the plant’s pod. This would dry into a sticky brown gum and could be eaten. The scientific name is papaver somniferum, otherwise known as opium.

The raw alkaloids, codeine and morphine are produced naturally in the plant. In small amounts it could be useful in controlling pain, or giving relaxation. These are OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts many are unfamiliar with.

FACT: The brown substance can be smoked and people enjoyed the feeling of “euphoria” and well being they got when they used it. Inhaling this smoke allows the drug to get to the brain quickly. Opium dens were common in Asia and came to the United States when Asian workers came to build the railroad.

FACT: People abuse Oxycontin by crushing it and snorting it, like they do with cocaine, and the result is an intense high.

FACT: Because of the abuse, manufacturer of Oxycodone have changed the compound slightly to stop this effect from taking place when the drug is crushed.

FACT: Oxycontin can be effective in controlling moderate to severe pain, but its downside is like other opiates, it’s very addictive. These are OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts that many people ignore at their own peril.

FACT: The codeine alkaloid is the basis for commonly prescribed pain medications such as Hydrocodone (Vicadin), Oxycodone (Oxycontin) and Acetaminophen with codeine (Tylenol 2, 3,4). These OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts are not widely known.

FACT: Since its introduction over 10 years ago, Oxycontin has been widely abused and street sales have skyrocketed.

FACT: More powerful opiates, such as Hydromorphine and Oxymorphine, are derived from the other alkaloid, Morphine. There is a much more powerful version of this being developed now.

FACT: Taken as prescribed by a doctor, Oxycontin should not cause addiction problems, but human nature always pushes the limits. People will take too much, too often thinking that more is better and ignore the negative OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts.

Ethical pain management specialists will carefully screen patients for drug abuse and closely monitor how they use Oxycontin.

FACT: Addiction to Oxycontin is a serious health and social problem in the United States.

FACT: Oxycontin addiction and abuse can cause respiratory failure, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, coma and death.

FACT: Oxycontin users develop a physical and psychological dependence on the drug, thinking they must use in order to feel “normal.”

FACT: Oxycontin addiction can develop quickly or over time, but it is characterized by the inability of the person to stop using.

FACT: Oxycontin addiction is a brain disease, as the receptors which are triggered by opium, morphine, heroin and other opiates fire in response to this drug.

FACT: Oxycontin addiction is characterized by the inability of the person to stop using.

FACT: Many unsuspecting parents and grandparents leave their Oxycontin in the bathroom medicine cabinet where they can be easily stolen by young children. Children who take these drugs quickly learn how to abuse them.

Children who use these drugs realize soon that they are expensive and will seek out street heroin dealers, who offer the same high, but less expensive. Many heroin addicts started on Oxycontin.

FACT: Many Oxycontin overdose deaths occur because the person does not realize how much they have taken, so it is common to grossly exceed a safe dosage.

FACT: As Oxycontin addicts progress in their disease, they will build up a tolerance for the drug, meaning more and more is needed to achieve the desired effect.

FACT: Oxycontin addicts often avoid going into treatment because they fear withdrawal, which can be very unpleasant but rarely fatal. They crave the drug and experience muscle and bone pain, insomnia, restlessness, nausea and vomiting, sweating, involuntary muscle twitches, dry mouth.

FACT: Oxycontin withdrawal, like withdrawal from other opiates, peaks between 48-72 hours after the last use. However, it can last much longer, several days, weeks.

FACT: The best way to escape the grips of Oxycontin addiction is to enter treatment, and go to a 12 step meeting like AA or NA or Celebrate Recovery offered and many churches.

FACT: To lessen the impact of withdrawal and to help the patient get into a good treatment program and begin rebuilding their life, medications have been developed to help addicts rid themselves of the need to use.

Principal among these are Methadone and Suboxone, both synthetic opiates themselves, but both act to block the impact of the opiates. It’s important to keep current about OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts because new things are being discovered daily.

FACT: Oxycontin addicts often relapse while in treatment. Unfortunately it’s part of the process, but addicts need help and support and should be encouraged to keep trying.

FACT: Through treatment, Oxycontin addicts can learn how to manage their disease, rebuild their lives and get back on the right track. But they must always guard against falling back into their old patterns of behavior.

FACT: Oxycontin addiction doesn’t have to define the person. People have a free will to choose the better way to live, with a little help from their friends. These are OXYCONTIN Addiction Facts we all need to truly believe!

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