Brother is addicted to bhang(cannabis)

by K


My brother has been on bhaang(cannabis) for over 8 years. He admits to have taken 20 doses in a day which is quite much.

He looks for support, says he is willing to quit but never does much. His self esteem has been low always and at times he fools us (me and my father) into believing that he will change. He is also an attention seeker and once every fifteen days he would break stuff, threaten to kill himself, tell us he is depressed, cry endlessly and apologize the next day.

He loves me a lot but is still not able to use this as a motivation to change himself. We do not have very good rehabs in India. My father is old and is weak-hearted and refuses to send him as of now.

Is there anything we can do to help him, considering he doesn’t want to quit. Any medicines we can give him without his knowledge..can you suggest any good rehab in India?

A Few Ideas

by: Ned Wicker

Dear K,

You are in a difficult position. Your father is enabling your brother because he cannot stand up to his addiction. Your brother is addicted and cannot quit. He will always lie to you and his attention-seeking behavior is typical.

Do a web search and try to find something near to you. I have given you a couple of articles and web sites to look at.

Try to support your father. Your brother must understand that his behavior is inappropriate. His addiction is his problem, but he wants to make it your problem.

Thank you so much

by: k

Thank you for your comment. I had a look at hope trust foundation and seriously thinking of how to take my brother there since its a 4 hour flight from where we are.

Searching for more options.


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