My lady heroin

by Andrew Johns


Lady heroin!

If you start to follow my leadership then you will be put onto my rocky road too recovery and I mean recovery how long that takes depends on you and how far you can cope in extreme pain and torture to yourself remember, remember, remember that I’m not your friend.

I’m your worse enemy and you can’t just drop me into your black hole coz I’m now in control from that first few hits you’ll soon be mine and this is what you can expect of me and why, why, why do you still need too cry? I’m now going too take you follow my side and you’ll be ok or that’s what they will say but what they wont say is that once your mine you not going back without feeling my pain drain you body away into desire.

I’m going too take you too the dark side, take over your life and I’m now in control from the moment that you use my heroin and chase until you have a tolerance or inject into your body I’m “Lady Heroin” I’m going to make you follow me onto your next faze of addiction and the long road too recovery and too take back control of your life as I’m now in control, but don’t worry coz I’ve got control off you and while you got me you don’t need no-body else and if you try too drop me you will fell the wrath of my destruction and I’ll turn your body into total disarray, and really make you hurt unless you follow my rules now.

In one way I will help you but on the other when you haven’t got me I’m going too put you through hell, sweat’s, shakes, vomiting, constipation, muscle spasms, cramps and all the thoughts and depression etc will come back too intensive, too deal with and I know you will come running back to me coz I’m in control now “Lady Heroin”. I can make you feel well but there is a price to pay fore my help and that price is you and you only.

The only winner is me and you will soon know this as time goes by. If you get upset I’m there, if you feel lonely I’m there, if you feel depressed I’m there but it will cost you your life to keep me in control and keep you on the dark side. The only loser is YOU and my distributors are the people who are earning from your self abuse are my leaders and are taking your life away from you and its self abuse! and the reasons behind that are blocked away from the world when you use me “Lady Heroin”. The best lesson to learn from this little poem is leaving it alone because there is only one winner and that’s “Lady Heroin”.

Though hard it may seem there is a way forward but I won’t help you if you give in to me/your own self control, you will have too start my sordid little game again because I’m “Lady Heroin and I’m now in control, don’t ever forget that!.

The only way too move forward is if you can see my plan for yourself and take back the control in your life, I swear it will not be easy but there is a way forward just don’t play my losing game coz yore the loser in this exchange, although it my hurt now I promises you this that if you build up your strength and take back the control there is way forward ill promises you that.

It won’t be easy on your journey but the key too success is follow through with your plan and don’t come running back coz then you’ll have to start the whole process again, the feelings and thoughts here should help you take control now and stop my dirty torture on your body otherwise there is only one winner and that’s me remember that coz I’m “Lady Heroin” now take back your control hope you well you will need it as it’s a cruel world out there don’t let it take advantage of you and stop now and think of a better day and a brighter future.

It’s all there if you really want it but its your choice too use me you now know my rules now lets play once again I bet you can relate to what I’m saying “ Screw this bull, praying and stop this delaying it’s only your future your delaying”.

Promises coincide with my demise don’t watch your life pass before your eyes.

Written in the words of andrew johns.


by: emma smith

Your words touched me as I could feel your pain, any one who’s been there knows your words ring so true!


by: Debbie Dawson


Good job!


by: Anonymous

Insightful passage obviously written with raw emotion.

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