Tax Time

It’s Tax Time in America!Many families impacted by addiction have their jobs and financial life disrupted. Getting that 9-5 job they used to have can be difficult if not impossible. Here’s an idea for employment that might be easier to do and could give you that extra bit of income you need. Become a become a tax preparer!Using the Fast Forward Academy you can become get a tax preparer certification and be authorized to do taxes for your friends and family.There are other rules and regulations involved but as long as you keep up your certification you will be eligible to prepare taxes every year. The certification process will also help you stay current every year as the tax law changes so you know what to do each year.I have done the taxes for my friends in the past and have really enjoyed helping them and saving them money. MOST people who can least afford to do so over pay Uncle Sam and if I can help them keep money that they’re entitled to, it makes me feel GREAT!So this year instead of just doing your taxes consider getting certified so that you can help others as well.

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