Addicted to pills to help get off marijuana?

by Daphne

My boyfriend is addicted to the pills that were prescribed to him to help him get off of his addiction to marijuana. He has bottomed out and is speaking to a psychologist.

But I don’t know what to do. We aren’t currently living in the states. He is seeking help enthusiastically and contrary to his addiction he is a very honest man.

He has hidden this from me for a while but I never asked because I thought he was hiding his cigarette habit and sleepy because he works out so much. I will stay by his side for now as long as he is trying and seeking help.

But what should I look for and how do I help him when things get tough. We love each other deeply and want our relationship to work out. But for now our relationship is going to take a back seat to his recovery.

Please help.

Help For You

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Daphne,

As long as he is addicted, your relationship will always take the back seat, so you are smart to udnerstrand that. It is also positive that he is seeking help. You need help and support also, so why not turn to Al-Anon, an organization dedicated to helping people just like you.

They can be found at:

and I hope there is a meeting near you. In the meantime, he needs to understand that you are concerned about his addiction, that you want to be supportive, but that he needs to take care of business. Otherwise, your life together, sadly, will be very difficult and unhappy.

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