Addicted to smoking rock and ice?

by David

My brother has been addicted to smoking rock and ice for many years. 7 years ago he had a major issue with ice but after the long haul of trying to support him, God found him a wonderful girl for him that straightened his life out. He got out of the drug scene, got a good job and was about to get married until he started bashing up his fiance.

My brother has always had a problem with drinking and a larger problem with his anger they tried counseling and it worked only temporarily until he started bashing her up again. Something went terribly wrong, why was he doing this nobody knew.

He'd stayed away from the drugs for a very long time, but after his fiance got a violent restraining order against him he started back on the drugs. We knew because almost every second day he'd be back asking my mum and dad (who are bother older in there 60s and 70s) for money.

Every twist and turn he'd ask for money then he stared lending money of every person in the family other times he'd come over just after he's got high and dribble rubbish talking about things that mean nothing. My parents don't know what to do any more I've had a gut full. I can't deal with him and feel like smashing his face in every time i see him.

It was only today before i went to church i started thinking what would Jesus do in this situation? I know the devil has taken control of my brother and he needs to come to realization that he does have a drug problem something he'd never admit in the past.

He was so stuffed up years back, having his girlfriend living with my elderly parents not paying rent, doing drugs inside the house while we had young children around, i hated him so much back then.

I stopped talking to him for 3 years because it was too much. Truthfully i have a big family, my father didn't want to admit that he was on drugs. My mother knew because he'd be off his face talking rubbish to her every time talking about the church trying to pretend that he'd have something in common with her. Then asking her for money.

Now it's worse, the only good thing is he's not living with my parents any more but he's back again on drugs using everyone. We don't know what to do any more i really wish he'd get locked up in jail where there would be some sort of detox program. I know it sounds horrible but what would you do, when will this stop?

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Face the Truth
by: Ned Wicker

Dear David,
You are describing what millions of others have described concerning a family member’s struggle with drugs. Your story contains the evidence of his addictive cycle, his denial of any problem or wrong doing and the complete lack of any sense of accountability for his actions. That’s what a substance use disorder does to us and it’s difficult to watch someone you love throw their life away.
Your brother’s only hope is to go into treatment and allow people to help him overcome his destructive behavior. I understand your desire that he “detox,” but that is only the very tip of the iceberg. He needs a good treatment program and once he has successfully completed that, he needs to enter into a strong recovery program and rebuild his life. It’s very possible, but it is also a long haul and difficult. The important thing for him is to have that “ah ha” moment, when he realizes that all is not right. He is abusing his family to feed his addiction, so there have been no consequences for his action. As a family, you need to face the truth and quit enabling him. Your parents need to realize that your brother has a disease that requires treatment. If he had a heart condition would they not rush to help him find the best cardiologist?
You want to help, but you also need to protect your children and do what is in your brother’s best interest. That may require some harsh decisions, and I think you know what that means. Treatment is not an option, it is a necessity. You might want to call Al-Anon and get some emotional support and guidance from others who have walked in your shoes. Get a family meeting and discuss this situation openly and honestly. No denial, no sweeping it under the rug. Deal with the reality and formulate a plan to get him into treatment.

by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm sorry to say this but you probably won't ever change him. The drugs aren't the problem, I've struggled with addiction most my life and have never stolen or physically hurt anyone or extorted money from people and i know many more addicts who are good people.

I'm sorry to say its the person who is bad, drugs don't make people bad it's just horrible people who take drugs use them to excuse bad behaviour. Being an addict doesn't justify such awful actions.


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