Addicted to Speed?

i live in tunbridgewells in kent. my partner of 17 years is addicted to speed.

he also has mental health problems and has always been in denial.

he has been taking more and more. and is getting very violent.

i went to leave him today, and he promised a to stop.

what intervention help is there, in my area. he has arranged to see a cpn himself.

can they set up an intervention meeting.

he is also addicted to canabis.



Take Action

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Emma,

I would not count on your partner following through with any treatment options, or medical interventions. He is probably saying that to keep you off his back.

You need to take care of yourself, especially in light of the fact that his drug use has caused him to become violent.

Your personal safety is an issue now.

What you can do is ring your local treatment center or a hospital and ask for help.

The two suggestions I gave you may lead to a good interventionist. You need to take the lead and do not count on your partner seeking any kind of treatment.

Does he want to quit? No.

Can he quit? No.

If just quitting were a possibility, he would have stopped using by now. He needs treatment and following his treatment, he needs to be in recovery.

Addiction has taken control of his life and the only way out is for you, his family and those who love him to band together and force the issue.

He cannot make good decisions, so those decisions need to be made for him.

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