Addiction to crack help!

by Stephanie

(Chandler AZ)

Someone in the family is a user of alcohol and also has drug use… an addiction to crack. When sick the next morning after use the day before, what’s the best thing I can do to help them feel better when they don’t want medical help?

Seek Counsel

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Stephanie,

The very best thing you can do is try, try, try to encourage them to seek treatment and learn how to live a healthy, productive life. You may want to call Al-anon and get some advice from their members, who are all people like you, people who want to help.

You can’t just ask the person to quit, because they aren’t going to listen. You have to have a game plan, and you have to enlist everyone in the family to get onboard with you and see the plan through.

The alcohol is a problem because people can literally drink themselves to death. Alcohol poisoning is a concern, so be aware that in extreme cases withdrawal from alcohol is potentially deadly.

The crack cocaine is highly addictive, so people generally don’t succeed in just quitting. They don’t want to. They keep chasing the high and looking for something that isn’t there. The trouble is, they don’t think they have a problem.

It’s you that has the problem, so be ready for a fight if you think you can force any kind of medical intervention. They don’t want treatment. The diseased mind does not reason, but it may allow someone else to be in charge. That’s what you want.

Get the family together. You need a family plan and a family solution.


by: Anonymous

Thank you! Very much …it’s exactly true. How could I just be sitting here…when I need to get her the right Help. No stops.

I’m struggling with this also.because how it affects not only her the family as well. Mainly me, because I understand.

The others are in There own lives…I am definitely going to get this out to the family closest to her. To let her know we are here to help her get there.

I Really thank you for your time. For helping me with this situation. I’ve really opened my eyes that I can help her. I was just trying to forget about it, until every morning, and when she stop using for a day or two. I just hate seeing her like that and think that I’m helping her because I’m not trying hard enough.

I’m Really going to put down my cries and let her let down hers to release her pain and stress that makes her feel like she has to do what she’s doing.

It’s going to be rough but I’m not giving up and not letting her down. She’s the strongest person I know and to see her at her weakest makes me cry and feel that I’m given up on her.

I Thank you and God Bless you for all your help to the world. ♥

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