Should I run?

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Should I run?

by Beth

My bf of a year shared with me early on that he is a “recovering cocaine addict”. He at one point or another shared with me that his dad (82 y.o.) sometimes would give him “half a pill or so” to help him out.

He works in a very body taxing profession of tree service but i learned these pills are always blown. He obviously justifies it all. Recently i found out he has a “buddy from past exchanges” whom he gets “a bupe” from to give to another buddy for “a couple free pills”. I have a two year old. Tell me I’m an idiot and to run, xoxo

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You’re not an idiot but you need to proceed with caution.

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Beth,

Because you know your boy friend was once addicted to cocaine, you need to assume that he is at an increased risk for drug and/or alcohol addiction. Drug addiction attacks the brain and once addicted we’re much more vulnerable to becoming re-addicted to the same drug or a different one. Many, many addicts get rid of one addiction only to become addicted to something else.

I didn’t know what “bupe” or Buprenorphine was but I looked it up and found out that, like Suboxone, it is an opioid partial agonist. My question for your boy friend is what is he trading it for and why is he doing it? I also wonder why I would want 1/2 of a pill from his dad?

I would recommend that you have a very candid conversation with your boy friend and tell him you’re concerned that he is again abusing drugs. Because of that concern, if he wants to be with you, he must go to the doctor and get a hair follicle (shows ANY usage during the prior three months, other tests not reliable) drug test to PROVE that he is not using or abusing drugs. He must also agree to stop ALL association with these “friends” that he is trading drugs will.

So, not you’re not an idiot and you don’t need to run, but you do need to take decisive action to help you and your boy friend avoid the disaster of addiction.

Good Luck,


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– Matthew 7:7-8

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