Al-anon group in Lakeland Co.?

by Kathy

My son has had an opiate addiction (oxycotton) and has managed to be clean for 90 days. Although, he decided to move back to his apartment, I can’t help feeling if he’s under stress he might do this again.

He says there’s no way he wants to go through withdrawal again and has been going to NA once a week (his own decision).

Is there an Al-anon group or NA group for parents close to Lakewood, Colorado? I
don’t want to go to NA, just support meetings with parents of similar issues.

Meetings Everywhere

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Kathy,

Here is a link to the page on the Al-Anon web site that has all the meeting locations. Not knowing exactly where Lakewood is, I can’t give you anything more specific.

In hope your son can stay clean and not relapse. It’s good that you recognize your need for support and I am sure Al-Anon will come through for you.

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