Addicted to Yaba?


I am addicted to yaba and I want to release myself from my addiction. Can you give me a prescription or other ideas oo how to do this?? I'm from Bangladesh.

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Currently, no pill to end addiction
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Mohiuddi,

There is currently no pill that can end an addiction to Yaba. Yaba, is a combination of methamphetamine and caffeine. Most of it is produced in Myanmar and sold to Thailand and Bangladesh. Yaba, as with meth, is HIGHLY addictive and has very bad side effects for those addicted.

Yaba addiction is a disease of the brain and recovery is only possible if you go through detoxification and addiction treatment.

Millions of people have stopped their addictions through the 12 step program created by AA(Alcoholics Anonymous). I'm not sure where in Bangladesh you live but there is an AA group in Dhaka. The meetings are held at:

Asha Group
819 Ibrahimpur
Dhaka, Bangladesh

at 4:00 pm on Thursdays and at 7:00pm on Saturdays.

It would be very good if you could contact this group and start attending meetings to learn how to re-train your brain not to need the drug. Your brain tells you that you must have the YABA to live but this is not true. You need to go through the 12-steps offered by AA and re-train your brain that you no longer need the drug.

Detoxification from the drug will be difficult and you should get medical support as you stop using it, but once you go through detox (which could take up to two weeks) you will still have a huge craving for the drug. That's what the meetings will help you understand and support you as you deal with these cravings.

AA was created for alcohol but works just as well for Yaba. You must learn how to take control of your life and your brain back from Yaba and then you will no longer need to take the drug.

Good Luck,


What does addiction mean?
by: Anonymous

I have a friend staying with me - a good friend. Some days he uses yaba and some days he doesn't. Some days he uses three or four pills, some days only one and some days not at all. Does this constitute addiction?
What are the signs of addiction?
How can I tell that my friend, who says he can do without it, is actually able to do without it?

Yaba is highly addictive and your friend MUST stop using it now!
by: Debbie Wicker

Yaba is another name for methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is highly addictive because of its pleasurable effect from the increased release of dopamine. Users become addicted quickly and as they continue to abuse the drug, higher doses are needed, and increased frequency of use.

Your friend is very likely addicted to yaba. Using it more than twice a month generally indicates a drug abuse problem that is likely becoming addiction.

Methamphetamine use also contributes to changes in areas of the brain associated with memory and emotion. Chronic users have experienced serious emotional and cognitive problems directly attributed to methamphetamine abuse.

Chronic, long-term use produces anorexia, aggressiveness, paranoia, memory loss, hallucinations and delusional thinking. Long-term methamphetamine use causes severe dental problems. methamphetamine use also increases the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

Your friend needs to stop using yaba immediately because it is damaging his brain and other parts of his body. All users say they can stop but most cannot. You should consider contacting your friends family and telling them that he may be addicted to yaba. Have them help you to help him stop.

I would also recommend that you begin going to Al-anon meetings in your area so that you can learn the best tactics for dealing with drug addiction. Work the steps of the 12 step program and try to get your friend to do the same. The 12 steps have helped millions of people to end their addiction.

Have anything to do?
by: Asha

I love a boy who is addicted to yaba. He wants to get relief from yaba, but he doesn't want to tell his his family. We both are teenagers. What should we do now? And he doesn't want to go any treatment center...

He must tell his family and go into treatment.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Asha,

Yaba addiction is a disease of the brain, which is why it is so hard to get rid of. When you take yaba (which is a form of methamphetamine) it tells your brain to do anything necessary to get the drug.

Yaba addicts always make very bad decisions because the drug effects the decision making region of their brain.

I would recommend that you tell your boy friend's family that he is addicted and needs treatment and enlist their help for him. Yaba addiction is a fatal disease so getting your boyfriend the help he needs will save his life.

So the two things he doesn't want to do is exactly the two things he must do: first he must tell his family and get support, second he MUST get into long-term treatment.

You should also go to Al-ateen meetings, Al-ateen is made for people your age and will help you to understand his addiction and give you good advice and what to do for yourself and to help him.

Go to three or four meetings a week and try to get your boy friend to go with you. Going to meetings is almost always the first step to ending this terrible addiction.

Good Luck,


Please help!
by: Anonymous

I have doubt that my boyfriend takes yaba we are in a 6 years of relationship I don't want to leave him easily I just need to know what blood test can be done to know whether he is taking yaba regularly or not.

Do they have any contact number..mob...
by: Naz

I need contact number for help...

Contact your doctor for contact number
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Nav,

My best advice for you is to call a local doctor and ask for a contact number for treatment for Yaba addiction.

You can also search for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in your area, call them and ask for information about a local place for addiction treatment. Yaba addiction and alcohol addiction are usually treated at the same places.

Good Luck!


by: Anonymous

I have been Yaba addicted from 5 years. I take 3 to 5 r7 daily. But immediately I want to get relief and stop because I know that it destroys everything.

What should I do?

I have completed MBA from a top university and am also working in a renowned newspaper with a handsome salary.

Please help me very urgently. I want to lead a good life.

Start going to 12 step meetings!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Recovery,

The best advice I can give you is to start attending AA meetings NOW! Working the 12 steps (at AA) will help you to understand yourself and your addiction.

Addiction is a lonely disease and addiction recovery happens in groups. When we are in a group, we SUPPORT each other and are honest enough with each other to help us to understand the steps we need to take to quit using.

Yaba attacks the brain, so that we need the support of a group to develop the strength and courage necessary to go through the withdrawal process and to quit using.

Addiction operates in secret and recovery operates out in the open with the love and support of others who have been where we have been.

Good Luck,


What should I do?
by: Tisa (bangladesh)

I guess my husband takes yaba. My driver always tries to convince me that it's true. He always comes home late night. When he comes in late he goes to washroom first and comes back after 30 minutes, then he doesn't take food and talks to me about sex. Then, 1 or 2 times we having sex and he feels crazy for cigarettes. He doesn't sleep, and when he comes directly from office he feels tired & sleepy. If I ask him, he always ignores me & says prove it. But I know it's impossible. What can I do now?

Would he be willing to take a drug test?
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Tisa,

You're in a very difficult situation because if your husband is using he will deny it and not tell you the truth. But if he isn't using he is going to be angry at you for accusing him of using.

I would recommend you try to get him to a doctor and ask the doctor to do a drug test. Have the doctor help you to help your husband to admit the truth.

I would also recommend that you begin attending 12-step Al-anon meetings at AA or NA. I'm not sure if you're near Dhaka but you still may want to call and speak to them to find out where meetings are that are close to you.

Going to Al-anon meetings will teach you about Yaba addiction and will also help you to figure out the best way to talk to your husband about it.


What should I do?
by: Anonymous

My friend is a yaba user. I told him not to use it but he can't stop. What should I feed and do for him to reduce side effects. Please help me. Thank you!

by: Anonymous


I was rehabilitated in a Bangladesh's best rehab for yaba and cocaine. After being clean for a long time , i have realized it now that all this rehab never works. This rehabs make people more like zombies. It's better if you ask the yaba addict to realise his problem with it and to have a strong will power to stop it and not to go to all these rehabs or meeting which is waste of time . Only a lover can help the addict by loving. If he is a bad person by himself. You can never change him. The doctors in Bangladesh are culprits. They play with the young lives for money.

Yaba problems
by: Anonymous

It's me Asif. I'm a Pakistani by nationality.
Actually i want to let you know that I'm not a regular user of yaba tablet and I don't feel like I'm an addict ...

It has been 6 to 7 months that I've been taking yaba tablet twice a week ... The truth is I'm feeling very emotional and I hear voices in my mind that are making me feel uncomfortable without any reason ...

If I stop using this drug will I get released from this uncomfortableness?? I had not heard anything about this drug even it's name, but there was my friend who was from Bangladesh he introduced me this drug ...

Now im having itching all over my body ... I just want to get free of it ... So kindly sir ... Please tell me what to do ??

Yaba can cause psychosis, your symptoms are very serious.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Asif,

Yaba (methamphetamine) is a very dangerous drug that attacks the brain. Each of us is wonderfully and uniquely made so that we all react uniquely to each drug we take.

Yaba (meth) can cause psychosis even if you only take it occasionally. The symptoms you're experiencing are VERY serious. Hearing voicing in your head is often the first indication of a psychotic disorder. It likely means that, for you, Yaba is very negatively effecting your mental processes. It should be reversible over time as long as you don't take any more Yaba.

Please go to a doctor right away and describe your symptoms so that they can help you to get back to normal.

Good Luck,


Contact detail
by: Anonymous

I need the contact number of AA group in Dhaka. The number given above is not working. Can anyone please give me the contact detail. I also need to know do they take admission?

More AA meetings in Dhaka
by: Debbie Wicker

Here is more AA meeting Dhaka Bangladesh:

AA Meetings in Monday

This is the first AA meeting in is a weekly meeting.the venue, time schedule & member contacts are as following:

Meeting Day:Monday
Meeting Venue:Banani Church, Dhaka
Meeting Time:7:00PM-8:00PM
Contacts for AA meeting:
Simon M(Secretary):+8801777750884
Rezaul H:+8801817000251
Shihab M:+8801196251504

AA Meeting in Thursday

This is the first AA meeting in is a weekly meeting.the venue, time schedule & member contacts are as following:

Meeting Day:Monday
Meeting Venue:Banani Church, Dhaka
Meeting Time:7:00PM-8:00PM
Contacts for AA meeting:
Simon M(Secretary):+8801777750884
Rezaul H:+8801817000251
Shihab M:+8801196251504

AA offers free, anonymous, group meetings using the 12-step process to support ending addiction. Once you start attending the meetings you learn about addiction and also you can ask about other resources available to you for inpatient treatment.

Going to these meetings is the best way to learn how to stop using Yaba or what every drug you may be addicted to.

by: Sharon

I need the contact information for the AA program in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Do I need to take go in for admission to an inpatient program for the treatment?

If you can find addiction inpatient treatment it will probably be helpful.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Sharon,

Listed below is a different contact number for AA in Dhaka:

Dhaka, Bangladesh 0175 104 510

AA is not an inpatient treatment program, it is group meetings that you can attend for free anytime you choose to.

AA works a program called the 12 step program with others who are in the same difficult circumstance that you are. The 12 step program helps us to get in touch with our higher power and learn to overcome the insanity of drug addiction.

An inpatient program can also be helpful, they can assist us as we detox from the drug and help us to avoid relapse in the earliest stages of our addiction recovery.

Good luck,


Is their is any food or pills that can get me instant relief?
by: Mishu

I don't take it regularly. Just for the exam preparation night. I have been doing this for 5 years. And the amount is 5-6 per exam night. Sometimes it takes me over that i cant control myself for study. So i need a way out from the effect of yabas action for the specific moment, like:- if someone gets too drunk; eating sour things like lemon/pickle helps him/her to recover faster. In the case of yaba, is their anything which can help me recover for its effect like sour things helps against alcohol?

Yaba user boyfriend
by: Amita

My boyfriend is a yaba user who is trying to get help - except we (his family and I) don't believe anything he tells us. I am really scared he is going to go to counselling and keep doing it. He says he can quit on his own and has done it before many time. But he keeps relapsing! Should I trust him? Is mere counselling sufficient?

I need help!
by: azizur

I am addicted to Yaba and I want to release myself from my addiction. Can you give me a prescription or other ideas of how to do this?? I am from Bangladesh.

Read everything written above.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Azizur,

Yaba is called methamphetamine in other parts of the world. Meth is very addictive and is VERY harmful to your mental health. It is made from poisons and it will poison your brain if you continue to use it.

Please read all of the comments above and it will describe exactly what you need to do to try to end your addiction.

What i should do now..!!!
by: Sohel

I've been using yaba for almost two years, but not on a regular basis.I generally only use about three times a month,but now I feel like I have an addiction by yaba.
I'm newly married, and now I want to free from using yaba so please, please give me some advice what i should do right now...!!!

Read the other recommendations
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Sohel,

Please read the recommendations I gave to MOHIUDDIN, I recommend that you follow the exact same course of action.


Proper production of semen?
by: Salman

I've been chasing yaba for the last two years but only occasionally. I stopped it for nearly 4 months, but about a couple of days ago i was out with some friends and they forced me to do it. We had 6 pills.

Jokingly they said that my sperm production will completely stop, being paranoid I came home and took some personal measurements to assure they were joking but to my worst fear i found out they were right. My sperm and semen production has completely slowed down. My family can not know about this. I'm 18 and legal.

Could you please give me a doctors name and contact to whom i can freely express everything without the fear of him/her involving the police or my family themselves.

Thank you in advance,

Go to a local doctor and describe your symptoms.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Salman,

Taking yaba is a really bad idea because you are putting an addictive poison into your system. It can cause MAJOR mental health disruption that can take ore than a decade to reverse. Also, because yaba is a street drug you really have no idea what you're taking and how truly harmful it is.

As far as a doctor, it has been my experience that all communications with doctors are completely confidential. Choose a doctor in your local area and go to them and describe your symptoms. Hopefully, the damage is reversible and you will return to normal once you completely stop taking yaba.


It's too dangerous!!!
by: rafsan

Yaba is a most dangerous pill.. don't take it!! It will destroy your life your family and your happiness.

What should I do?
by: Tanya

My boyfriend is yaba addicted, but he is not very regular. We have 3 years of a relationship and I don't want to leave him.

Now he wants to get relief from this, but he doesn't want to go any help center? He has been addicted for about 2 years. Now what should I do?

You're in adifficult position.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Tanya,

You're in a difficult position, you're boyfriend is addicted to yaba, he says he wants to quit but he won't get the help he needs.

The question I have for you is WHY won't he go to a help center if he truly wants to quit? Often with addicts, they say the want to quit but in their heart they want to keep using.

I recommend you find Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in your area and go with him to these 12 step meetings. They will show you and your boyfriend what needs to be done for him to stop using.

Yaba is a terrible drug and it will destroy both of your lives if you let it, so please don't let it.


Want help to stop taking yaba?
by: Hasan

I'm badly addicted on yaba about 3 years. Can you give me some tips to get away from yaba...???

Read this post completely
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Hasan,

Please read everything I've written above in this post and that's how you can end your addiction to yaba.


Always Busy your self
by: Abid

Well !!!! I'm for also Bangladesh .
Brother I hope you know that. How madness is this thing, first time you should be doing that, don't talking about the yaba , and don't meet some peoples like they are also involved in this thing. Always be busy yourself. Kicked every instruments, and try to time spent with good people. They can learn from you how to enjoy your life. I hope u understand how to do something for yourself....... All the best 😊 I hope one day u will be with out that!

Need help. I'm out of addiction.
by: Shakil al Meraz

I just overcame a 'Yaba' addiction.
It's been gone two months but still I'm losing weight, blood pressure still low, heartbeat still high, still distaste in food.

I'm trying to fix everything by taking food and a good sleep. but I can't. I still out of a single treatment from doctor. I'm from Chittagong, Bangladesh. I want to make my life according to Pure and Trusted rules. Need a great suggestion.

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