Daughter needs help with drug issues.

by Tony

I have a daughter that is hooked on something. She has gradually progressed from marijuana to something and she is rapidly losing weight.

I and my family need to speak with someone about her and what we can do to help her?

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Difficult problem but start with your doctor.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Tony,

So very sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling with drugs. Marijuana has been proven to be a gateway drug, likely because it lowers inhibition to other drugs while at the same time increases the "high" or effect from them.

I would recommend that you immediately take your daughter to a doctor and have a hair follicle drug test done. That will show you any drugs that she's used in the last three months. Then, because she is losing weight, she should have a complete physical exam to make sure there is no medical reason for her weight loss.

Finally, have the doctor create a treatment plan for her and refer you to the appropriate addiction treatment resources in your area, if the drug test shows that she has been using.

Marijuana can be as harmful and addictive as other drugs so be careful not to minimize the issues that can be caused by it. Marijuana is a strong psychotropic drug and depending on the emotional predisposition of your daughter can cause very severe issues.

I would also recommend that you and the entire family begin attending Al-anon meetings at least twice a week. Al-anon teaches us about addiction and also helps us to fully understand what we're dealing with.

Good luck,


There is hope!!
by: Darlene

Sometime when we "try" to help a loved one we push them away. So it helps if we can understand the foundation of addiction and focus on what we can control which is our own behavior. You have to find a support system i suggest Al- Anon. It helped me tremendously!!! May the God of your understanding be with you and your family. Addiction is a family disease. Peace to you!

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