Can’t get off Subutex?

by Vincenzo

I cant get off Subutex!

It’s horrible

Is there any hope?

Today I came home From class and I took a nap

When I woke I was very depressed and I thought why are you so depressed

I realized I only took 8mg of Subutex-Suboxone this morning because I am trying to get off,

I feel this way

I then took 4mg

Withing 1.25hrs all my symptoms disappeared

It’s very scary and it prevents me from going down any further

Anyway, after taking 4mg more

I felt much better

Is there any hope or will I be on this ____ forever.

I want to be drug free for the rest of my life,

has the chemistry of brain changed forever?

A New Plan Needed

by: Ned Wicker

I do not know all of the particulars of your situation, but the struggle you have with Subutex is not uncommon.

Have you shared any of this with your doctor and does he/she understand what your goals are in being drug free?

Subutex is not a long-term solution. You need to find out if there is another approach, another management tool that you can use to accomplish the desired result.

Have the conversation with your doctor and work together to make things happen. There are Subutex detox and treatment centers that your doctor may recommend.

Just taking more Subutex to feel better isn’t the solution.

Can’t get off Subutex

by: Lynette


Dear Vincenzo,

I can somewhat relate to your situation. My son, 27, was trying to be clean for the first time in 13 years. The doctor put him on Subutex and he said it helped him but eventually he said he just felt like he was just getting addicted to another medicine.

He eventually relapsed, unfortunately, after being clean 7 months. He is in jail for DUI but at least he’s saying he wants to get help and that he gives every day to God-and I do, too.

I agree with Ned, that you need to talk to your doctor about this. Also, do you go to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings? If not, I think they would help you A LOT.

Good luck and I’ll pray for you-Lynette


by: Totalresultsinc

Yes, there is hope. Your physician needs to titrate you off buprenorphine SAFELY. If that is your goal then Please ask for his help.

We refer many clients at our Treatment Center to Physicians that prescribe buprenorphine. It is only a bio cure, not complete program. It allows the client not to worry about withdrawal so we can get to core issues.

It is NOT a perfect drug, there are none. Many Docs that are friends take 1 a day & will do so no matter how many years they have had “emotional sobriety”. They consider it INSURANCE sorta like car or house insurance. No one wants an accident, fire, etc but having insurance helps keep that little voice at bay.

Only you can decide what is best for YOU.

Treatment does not work…..without Recovery!


Can’t get off Suboxone

by: Anonymous

Hi, my situation is unique because my my Suboxone doctor lost his license. He had a couple patients that filed a suit for misconduct; long story. I was forced to quit because there is not one doctor that I can get in to.

I live in Wisconsin and there are 37 doctors that can prescribe. I think that is pretty accurate. Anyway I was at 12 mg. daily. I went down about a mg. a week and am now only taking 1-2 mg. daily. This decline was over about 3 months.

I have tested the waters and gone without it for 2 days. The 3rd day is always where I feel the withdrawals most in my opinion.

My doctor that lost his license prescribed me gabapentin, klonadine and I’m also on klonpin. Those 3 help significantly with the withdrawals like restless legs, hot/cold sweats, and of course the big one being no energy and motivation.

I know 2 people who have gotten off and they said its about 60 days until you feel “NORMAL” again. Just thought I would leave my input.

Good Luck.

Can’t get off Subutex?

by: Anonymous

I been on Suboxone for 10 years now and I hate it. I’ve been trying to find the same answer as you and the only thing I’ve come up with so far is the Waisman Method (if I could afford it this is the best option) or just keep weaning down and suck it up, you will adjust to the lower dose in around a week.

I’m currently stuck at a half, the same as where I was 5yrs ago when a drunk driver hit me. That more or less started me all over again. I’m in unbearable pain when I go lower than 4mg a day.

I’m getting surgery soon to have the metal removed from the accident and am wondering about going back to pain pills because the sickness is much shorter with them than how long this is taking.

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