My dad’s just checked himself in to detox for alcohol how long untill he can come home?

by Dani

(Kitchener, On., Canada)

Hi, I am 18 and my dad has been in and out of rehab centres my whole life.

Today after both my step mom and me crying, and trying to get him to realize what drinking has done, how it has ruined his life, he decided to check himself into rehab. I am supposed to go on a trip with my boy friend’s family, i need the break from here, and want to know how long detox will take?

Because i would really like to be there when he comes out, do any of you have experience with alcohol detox programs how long to they normally take?

Everyone is Different

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Dani,
Depending on his physical condition and the extent to his use, alcohol detoxification can take anywhere from a couple of days to over a week. It all depends. I would suggest that you give the treatment center a call and ask when you can see him. They will have certain visiting hours, so you’ll have to see what their schedule allows.

It’s good that you can get away and relax. However, your father is going to need a lot of love and support when he leaves the treatment center. You might want to call Al-Anon and get with their members, who can provide emotional support and guidance. They have been through this and they can be a big help if you let them.

Alcohol withdrawal is particularly difficult, so in the first few days your father is not going to be feeling very well. Try to understand. His body is going through a shock, but the doctors at the treatment center will work hard to help him get through it and feel as well as possible.

Also remember that detox is just the first step, he needs to go into treatment for at least 60-90 days and then he needs to start going to meetings and learn how to stay in recovery. Detox removes the alcohol from his system but does not help him to learn how NOT to drink.

Thank you

by: Dani

thank you 🙂 this really helped I contacted the program you suggested thanks so much i hope this time he’ll stay sober!

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