Cocaine Addiction Facts

Cocaine Addiction Facts

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Cocaine Addiction Facts

FACT: Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that works on the central nervous system.

FACT: Cocaine is a white powder that can be processed further into rocks or chunks.

FACT: Cocaine is made from processing the leaves of a coca plant.

FACT: Cocaine can be snorted, injected or smoked

FACT: Cocaine is second only to marijuana in popularity among users of illegal drugs.
FACT: Over 2,000,000 people use cocaine in the United States every day.

FACT: Cocaine users enjoy the energy and mental alertness they feel when they receive a hit.
FACT: Cocaine has serious side effects such as insomnia, anxiety, irritability, loss of appetite, blurred vision, mood swings and violent behavior, chest pain, hallucinations.

FACT: Cocaine can cause cardiac arrest and death. Even if someone is using cocaine for the very first time, their blood vessels constrict, their blood pressure goes up, their heart rate goes up and their body temperature goes up.

FACT: Cocaine users can also experience seizures.

FACT: People who snort cocaine run the risk of destroying the mucus membranes in their nose, as well as the wall that separates the left nostril from the right one.

FACT: Cocaine that is snorted or smoked gets to the brain quickly and because of that the “high” or intoxication is intense. Because of that, cocaine is highly addictive and users are in jeopardy of developing addiction very quickly. Even after not using for long periods of time, cocaine users can experience intense cravings for the drug.

FACT: Prolonged use of cocaine increases the risk of developing serious health issues, leading to death. That’s right, Cocaine Addiction Facts outline that a common result of addiction is death!

FACT: Cocaine is sometimes called blow, nose candy, line, flake, powder, coke, dust and the list of nicknames goes on.

FACT: Until recently, cocaine was the cause of more drug deaths than any other drug, but has recently been overtaken by prescription drugs.

FACT: A small amount of cocaine was one of the original ingredients of Coca-Cola.

FACT: Sigmund Freud, the father of psychiatry, was a cocaine addict.

FACT: Cocaine addiction is treatable, but it cannot be cured. Through treatment addicts learn to manage their disease and live healthy, productive lives.

FACT: There are several factors that contribute to cocaine addiction. People are often introduced to this drug in social settings and may feel peer pressure to give it a try. The euphoria of the cocaine high allows people to enjoy the moment and so they seek to repeat the experience.

FACT: Cocaine addiction is a brain disease, characterized by the inability of the user to stop

FACT: Crack Cocaine looks like a rock, hence its nickname

FACT: Crack Cocaine is almost always smoked

FACT: Crack Cocaine is made my mixing the powder with water and baking soda, dried and then broken into chunks or rocks

FACT: Crack Cocaine produces the same effects as Cocaine, but it has a higher intensity. The negative effects are likewise similar but more extreme at times because of that intensity.

FACT: About a third of daily cocaine users use crack cocaine.

Summary of Cocaine Addiction Facts:

It’s hard to imagine after reading this information that ANYONE would knowing take cocaine. The bottom line about cocaine addiction facts is that nothing but MISERY comes from using cocaine and none of us knows how quickly addiction will set in. But one thing we know for sure is that when it does our lives will be forever changed and only detox and treatment will end the addiction.

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