Trying to help but have no money?

by Dana


My niece is in need of help for drug addiction. She has also got post traumatic stress and has struggled for years. How does she get help when she has no money or insurance?


by: Ned Wicker

Dear Dana,

Not knowing exactly what your neice’s situation is, I can’t give you specifics. However, here are a few suggestions. Call social services in your county and see if there are clinics that will take her.

Narcotics Annonymous and Alcoholics Annonymous have meetings, and trust me they are all familiar with the path your neice is on. They can help point her in the right direction and offer support too. You can call Al-Anon and get support for yourself.

They too know all of the ins and outs of this. You can also call around and see what drug treatment centers have to say. They can also offer alternatives.

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