Admitting my alcohol abuse

by Elizabeth

(St. Louis, Missouri)

I started drinking innocently in college. It was everywhere, and the “in” thing to do. I noticed the buzz it gave me and added to my self esteem. — Through the years my drinking escalated. I’d say I realized I had a problem in my late 20’s, but just continued to drink.

I still have self esteem issues, and drink heavily–not every day. I can easily down 2 bottles of wine. I hate that I have to have it to feel better about myself, but the hang-over’s and depression that are created from alcohol are horrible side effects. I envy people that are just social drinkers. They can enjoy 2 or 3 drinks then stop. I wished I enjoyed life without alcohol.

I have never gotten treatment, but one of my doctors who I see for depression thinks I drink to “self medicate.” He’s right.

Any advice is appreciated. — I work full time, and I’m now 56 years old.


by: Lynette

Thank you for sharing your story. I can definitely relate with you. I started drinking when I was 16 and drank until I was 28. At first it was with friends, partying or going to a bar. I ALWAYS got drunk when I drank. Over the 12 years it just kept getting worse. Eventually I drank EVERY night by myself and occasionally with friends.

I wanted to quit when I was 28 because I had a son (I didn’t drink while I was pregnant). I tried but kept going back to it, although I didn’t get drunk every night – just drank some. It had become an addiction. I went to my medical doctor and he was great. One of my biggest fears was not being able to sleep if I didn’t drink at night. He gave me a non-addictive medicine to help me sleep and told me to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. I did go and I also got a drug and alcohol counselor. Now I haven’t drank for 25 years.

Now I go mostly to Al Anon meetings (for friends and families of alcoholics and drug addicts). That is because my son has been having trouble with substance abuse.

Both meetings helped immensely because I realized I was not alone with these two problems. Also, it is great to talk freely and hear others be so open.

I greatly advise that you go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and perhaps talk some more to your medical doctor. Also, you could get a drug and alcohol counselor and talk to a clergy. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please get some support. I will pray for you-Lynette

Your an amazing person!

by: Anonymous

I believe you do not need something to self medicate take life one day at a time breath in the fresh air and try to relax.

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