Always addicted to something and can’t stop?

by Chase

(Sin, North, AZ, USA)

I am what we would call a chronic relapser and now I relapsed on something and really can’t kick it. I’ve done heroin and was able to kick it but not this me.. if I’m not addicted to one thing its another whether it be the fact I’m a foodie and sex fiend not only because I’m a guy.

I love and hate that I’m crazy and I really kinda am diagnosed with 7 different mental disorders. I love and hate myself because I’m doing good and trying to DO the work hence writing this, but hate because I can’t stop relapsing and or hurting the people I love.

The Human Condition

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Chase,

You have a friend who understands exactly what you are going through, how you think and why you think it. Setting aside any religious discussion, the Apostle Paul’s self-examination in the Book of Romans, Chapter 7 and 8, is an open, honest and revealing look at the human condition.

Paul takes a brutal inside look at himself and comes to the conclusion that he is really not capable of helping himself, but also realizes that if he is willing to accept help and be honest with himself, there is hope.

I do not want to question any diagnosis that has been made, but I do wonder what hurts you. Something hurts, maybe something you can’t explain.

You can’t stop…that is you can’t stop without help. That’s very human. That’s why treatment programs are designed to meet individual needs. Are you crazy? Or, are you just human and don’t know how to manage that? I suspect the key for you is to find out what hurts.

Let someone help you.

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