What would five behaviors be that would help me avoid seeing the reality of my addiction without using drugs?

See The Truth

by: Ned Wicker

I think JRM hit the nail for you. People have the tendency to want to do things on their own, and that’s a mistake.

We were wired for relationships and it’s relationships that will see a person through the disease of addiction.

Left alone and with no pressure, people will continue to use, even long after they no longer want to use. But it’s the relationships with people that make the difference in their lives.

I would also recommend AA or NA meetings, to be with people who understand the situation and who have been there themselves. These are people you can be real with and you never have to worry about putting on some kind of a fake front, just to appease them.

Recovery requires redirection, so you want to get out of the old haunts and away from the people who use.

You need to start over and when the desire to be healthy, happy and productive, and the desire for those meaningful relationships becomes stronger than the desire to get high, things will happen in the right direction.


by: J R M

1. Denial

2. I ain’t like everyone else.

3. I can quit when i want to.

4. It makes me happier when i am high. (keep doing drugs and you’ll find out that is a lie from the pit of hell.)

5. No body knows that i’m using. (just wait and you’d be surprised)

6. My problems all go away when i am using. ( uh that is the worst lie from the pit of hell, they only get worse.)

7. I’m worried about what people will think about me! (Remember it’s your life and need i remind you that everyone in this world has problems and you dealing with them is what makes you a real man or woman. Trust in God. He brought you here!)

Any type of justification for you using is not good, however when your ready to stop using then you will get help cause not many people in addiction beat this thing on their own. Basically when the party’s over it’s over!

Keep making excuses and you might be caught up in this addicted lifestyle for years to come. It’s a really dark and miserable place. It led me all the way to being homeless and losing my family among many other major issues.

My advice is that you pick up a bible and read it, call some local programs or go to some AA or NA meetings. Quit making excuses and do something about it or well, you’ll be doing this a couple more years down the road like i did until i finally said that the party was over.

Good luck and God Bless ya….

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