Boyfriend using heroin?

by Delia


I just found out my boyfriend of three months uses heroin. I’ve read the signs and symptoms and he has them.

He had told me that he had used heroin before but last used it in 2005. He is 54 years old, unemployed and depressed. When we met he tried so hard to pull out of his depression” and as he put it, “rejoin society”.

He just saw a Doctor (friend) who gave him Cymbalta for depression. I have come to the realization he needs help. Where do I find this for him?

He is alienated from his family. I have helped him financially for the last couple of months but my finances are strained now. I feel I need to move on with my life but care enough to know he will hit rock bottom if I leave him.

Where can I get him help? We live in Edinburg, Texas.

Cold, Hard Reality

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Delia,

You need to understand one very important fact: you are not going to save your boyfriend. So many men and women, well-intentioned, try to save the one they love and wind up spending all of their money with nothing to show for it except hearbreak.

He needs to face his addiction and seek treatment. You can speak to his doctor, or call Al-Anon, or maybe even try to get together with his family and convince them that they can help by getting him into treatment. But you are not going to save him.

Whatever the rock bottom is for him, he is out of control because his addiction is determining every decision he makes. He’ll lie to you, steal your money and do anything to feed his disease. You need to be smart and protect yourself.

Call Al-Anon.

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