Brat or Beast

Brat or Beast

Brat or Beast?

By Ned Wicker

Imagine you’re the parents of a 16 year-old high school boy and suddenly the police come barging into your home and uncover evidence that your son is a big time drug king. Imagine to your surprise, he’s been running this from his bedroom office, as police confiscate some $6000 in cash. Not only that, he’s peddling high-grade marijuana in two school districts, netting $20,000 a month. That’s a story ABC news broke.

Not Smart!

The police didn’t release the name of this boy because he is a minor. He’s be tried as a juvenile. This school boy is getting $350-$400 an ounce for his poison. Trouble is, 16 year-old boys aren’t necessarily smart when they sell to undercover cops.

This all came down in Warren County, Ohio in the Mason school district near Cincinnati. County prosecutor David Fornshell is handling the case and its’ going to be interesting to see if he really makes this prosecution mean something, or goes easy on the lad. He won’t be selling in the halls of Mason High School any time soon, but what a ride.–$20,000 a month.

I wonder if he missed any classes. He had people working for him. According to the police the marijuana was smuggled from Mexico and was of a much higher grade than previous shipments, which more or less goes right along with the trend of the last 30 years, as the grass your dad used to get bears no resemblance to the potent weed of today.

All told, the story said six kids and six adults were also arrested. The kingpin, now 17, had 500 plants growing from the seeds, worth a staggering $3 million. The kid had three grow houses for crying out loud. A grand jury has handed down indictments, but none of the defendants has been arraigned.

How clueless are they?

I ask you, how clueless are mom and dad? There had to be some signs that something was going on. A 16 year-old boy collecting $20,000 a month is going to flash some cash. Kids that go on criminal property damage rampages video their exploits and put them up on Facebook, so somewhere one of these kids had to be acting stupidly. Mom and dad are right in the same house. They had to know something was going on.

There’s a larger issue that goes beyond the trafficking of an illegal substance. The potent weed comes up from Mexico, where drug cartels gun down police and politicians in the streets, where people are murdered in public and left on sidewalks to serve as a sign to others to back away.

It’s a country where the drug gangs outgun the military, all for the profits from high school students in Ohio. This little drug kingpin was a part of an evil, murderous, criminal enterprise with no regard for human life, no value to society and little if any opportunity for redemption. Hell was created for them.

A juvenile? I don’t think so. He knew exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. He was smarter than everybody else and thought he could get away with it. He had adults working for him. $20,000 a month is a well-planned, sophisticated operation and a juvenile isn’t going to be the mover and shaker.

He may have been 16 at the time, but when you break the law that blatantly and deal in drugs, you’re not a boy anymore. He’ll probably get a slap on the wrist and they let him go when he turns 18, in less than a year.

Everyone is guilty!

If you’re feeling sympathy, perhaps you should ask yourself if you’d feel the same way if your child was buying from him. You send your child to school, thinking they are safe, but a monster lurks in the hallways selling potent marijuana, and who knows what else. The kid, his accomplices and his customers are all guilty.

This isn’t going to go away folks. It’s getting worse and you’ll hear this story again and again. America has a major problem and it’s not just one that a detention and a trip to the principal will correct.

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