Brother on drugs, don’t know what to do?

by Meghan

My brother has been on drugs for a while and I’m getting scared, I thought he would out grow it and he hasn’t.

I need to try to help him, because if something happens and I don’t try to help him it will feel like I failed, I want to help him, but I think he has clinical depression and I think that he has to hit rock bottom before he wants to change himself, but I think rock bottom will be death, what should I do to help, me and my mother need something.

Mike won’t go to the doctor and won’t see a therapist.

You Need A Plan

by: Ned Wicker

It’s very difficult to help those who do not want your help, or do not think they need any help. Your brother is in denial about his drug use, mainly because addiction, left unchecked will progress to the point whered the addict has no choice but to use.

He’ll argue with you. He’ll deny he has a problem and probably getting realluy angry with you when you bring it up. Of course he doesn’t want to see a therapist. He doesn’t want to quit using drugs.

How does the rest of the family feel about this? Do they even know he has a drug problem? It might be painful for you, but you need to have a family discussion with your parents and your other brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, whomever, and air out the situation.

If they will band with you to help your brother, you stand a much better chance of making a difference. Al-Anon is a good group to turn to for support and ideas.

Brother on drugs…

by: Lynette


Hi Meghan,
I totally agree with Ned’s comments.

I also strongly suggest you and your mother go to an Al Anon meeting. They are for family and friends of alcoholics and drug addicts. There you will meet others who are in the same or similar situation as yourself.

One thing you’ll learn there is that your own attitude can greatly affect what the addict does. Also, they stress taking care of yourself-some people are so concerned about the addict that they neglect themselves.

I speak from experience. My son has been struggling with drug and alcohol use for 13 years. I attend Al Anon meetings and they help me immensely. I also talk to my minister, see a counselor and see a physician’s assistant.

Get all the support you can get.
Good luck-and I’ll say a prayer for all of you-Lynette

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