Brother sky high to pick me up at airport…

by Joan

(Roanoke, VA)

My younger brother (age 32) lives in the Virgin Islands. On a recent visit to him, my first, he was SKY HIGH on something when he picked me and my friend up from the airport in the middle of the afternoon.

His eyes were glassy and bloodshot, he was smiling a ridiculous smile, laughing at inappropriate times, was repeating stories, it was awful.

I did not know what to do as I did not know he was a drug-user before this, or at least not in many years.

When I confronted him, he said he knew he messed up and it was a mistake and he was sorry. My husband is a drug enforcement agent, so my brother should really know where I stand on this issue, yet he seemed to act as if his symptoms were invisible, not to mention the safety issue of driving while compromised like this and endangering me and my friend as well.

It was really not OK…I do not want to be a tattle tale, as he is a working professional and able to keep a job, but I worry that my silence is a passive consent, and that he could find himself in real trouble if I do not speak up.

He always seems broke and has really distanced himself from his friends and family.

Should I tell our parents?

Brother sky high to pick me up….

by: Lynette


Hi Joan-
I can really relate to your story. My son is 27 years old and just got arrested for being under the influence of drugs WHILE DRIVING. It is extremely scary because he could have hurt or killed someone else or himself.

I would greatly suggest that your brother go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or a Narcotics Anonymous meeting (although NA meetings may be harder to find-Alcoholics Anonymous is for alcoholics and drug addicts)- I really think you should talk to him about it – and about him getting a drug and alcohol counselor.

I know you want to cover it up but believe me, after 13 years of dealing with this, that is not the thing to do. Also, don’t help him if he should get in trouble. He must see that his disease is hurting him and that he must get help. You can help him if he’s trying to do good things.

For yourself I strongly suggest you go to an Al Anon meeting – it is for the family and friends of alcoholics/drug addicts. It has been so helpful for me to go, especially because you meet people in the same or similar circumstances as yourself. Also, you could talk to a regular medical doctor about what to do or to a clergy.

Good luck and I’ll say a prayer for you.-Lynette

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