Pain Killer Detox and Treatment

Pain Killer Detox and Treatment

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Pain killer detox is challenging and difficult but certainly not impossible. Pain pills are opiates and when we become addicted to them, they attack our brain and change our brain chemistry convincing us that we must use. Withdraw is the process needed to allow our brain to change back to the way it was before we became addicted. Our brain must re-adjust to life without opiates, that’s why we have the negative symptoms during withdrawal. 

Because each of us in unique, the detox process for us is unique. How long it takes, the severity of our reactions, the effectiveness of the drugs to counteract the symptoms is different in each of us. But, now there is much more support for successful opiate detox. So if you’re trying to detox from an opiate going to a doctor for medical support is an excellent first step. Doctors have different options available to them and can help make the transition off of opiates as symptom free as possible.

Some Q&A About Painkiller Detox

Here are a few questions we’ve answered about pain killer detox:

Mother’s on Percocets?

My mother has 3 children, me age 18, my sister age 14, and my brother is
10. I don’t know where she went wrong with managing her pills. One day
she was fine, happy, and a good mother. The next day we were homeless
begging family members if we could stay with them.

My mother was
always a good mom. Always put us before herself. But, now her whole
entire life revolves around Percocets. When she does not have this damn
drug in her she will sleep for days upon days. If someone were to wake
her up all hell would break loose. And of course no one really knows
what is wrong her with her, besides me and my little sister.

A 14 year old
girl should not be worrying about if her mother is going to wake up
today or if the house is going to remain the way it has been for the
past week.

A 14 year old girl should be worrying about her
friends and going to the mall. When my mother is on percs it’s like she
is completely “normal” but she is actually like a robot.

She is
up and cleaning, cooking, doing what ever she has to do but when she
speaks to you its very monotone like a robot. Every week or so we get
into fights about these pills but she always denies taking them.

I heard a person can only be helped if they help themselves, why doesn’t she want to help herself?

If she sees her children crying, starving and begging her to stop, why doesn’t she?

I just don’t understand.

she would just come out and admit it to everyone that she has a problem
I will devote my life in helping her become clean. But until then all I
can do is stand by and watch her whither away and be the mother figure
that she once was…

Consider Al-anon and Al-ateen

by Debbie Wicker

Your mom is addicted to pills. I know you know that but it’s important start there as you seek to help her to end her addiction. Pain pills are an opiate, just like heroin. So pain pill detox is the same process as heroin detox. Your mom needs to go to a doctor who specializes in opiate addiction detox and have the doctor help her to withdraw successfully from the pills. Once she is through the detox process she will be more herself and then will need all of the support necessary to stay clean and sober.

Please consider joining a local Al-anon group, and have your sisters join an Al-ateen group. These groups should help figure out the best way to help your mom and get her to move toward ending her destructive behavior. All of you should work the 12 steps and allow your higher power to help you.

Over 30 years of prescriptions?

My 67 yr old mother has been addicted prescription drugs for over 35
years. No lie. This is true. Percocet, fentanyl patches, when they out
then cough syrup. Oxycodone also.

I have been told her body is
so used to it like its water to her. I don’t believe she can get
treated. We are talking 60 Oxycodone in a five day period. Is it a lost

There is always hope!

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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