Can’t control myself with pain killers?

by Sabina

I am addicted to pain killers and stop for a while and go back to it. I want to
understand the underlying reasons of addiction.

I am a former soldier and have strong PTSD and pain from my injuries. I can’t control my self with pain killers they just give me the energy to get out of bed and be with my family.

I am in psych therapy and on disability right now. I am taking antidepressant but nothing gives me the state of mind to function with enough energy to go through the

What should I do I NEED HELP !!!

Please somebody write to me is addiction in your genes since I do have family members that where alcoholics.

Please help 🙁

Addiction is Complex

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Sabina,

Thank you for your service to our country and for your sacrifice. There is a genetic component to substance use disorder, so if your relatives were alcoholics, that would be a factor in your situation, but not necessarily the determining factor.

About one in nine people will develop alcoholism over a prolonged use, but with opiate pain medication, that number could be even higher. Add to that your PTSD and there is cause for great concern. I am hoping the VA will be sensitive to your injury and explore alternative pain management solutions.

You need to detox from the drugs you are over using and get a treatment plan going that will work for you. Your addiction is an unintended consequence of the pain management and not your fault. Your brain is trying to find balance. Please look into treatment for the addiction first.

I trust they are helping you with the PTSD which is so common in our veterans in recent years.

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