Chances that he will go back to the drug??

by Brittani

(Melbourne, Florida)

My daughters father was addicted to meth for quite a long time. He has some obvious signs that he used. He never went through any kind of treatment. He quit cold turkey by himself. When he’s talked about it to me he gets a longing look in his face like he misses it.

What are the chances he will go back to using meth or any other drug?

He Could Be In Trouble

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Brittani,
It is difficult to predict the future of a meth addict who does not attend meetings, or doesn’t have a support system, or has never had treatment.

Meth addicts are always “chasing the high” and long for that feeling they first got when exposed to the drug. It’s a myth. That high will never be repeated, but they keep in trying. I’ve seen a 25 year old look like they were 50, as they keep ravaging their bodies with the drug. Once the temptation to chase the high is too much to resist, he’ll use again.

He needs to attend AA and/or NA regularly and get on a planned road to recovery, that is his best chance to avoid relapsing and using again.

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