Concerned about wife?

I am concerned for my wife.

She has been on Ativan 3Xdaily for approx 2 years, added 3X daily of taking my prescription for Valium, and also takes an Ambien every night.

She has become disorientated, moody, here cognitive reasoning has diminished, and always seems agitated no matter what the conversation, even with the kids.

From all my research, here usage is most likely at a habitual state and before I confront this, I need to understand if I am not seeing something that is not there.

Ativan 1mg X3, Valium 10mgX3 and Ambien CR all seem like a cocktail for trouble to me.

Help Your Wife

by: Ned Wicker

It is never a good idea to take medicine that has been prescribed to another person, no matter how honest the intention, so your wife?s mixing of prescription drugs is indeed a cocktail for trouble.

I am certain her doctor would quickly shoot down the idea and given her present condition, a complete medical examination would be a good plan.

How are these drugs interacting? Does the original prescription make sense?

You can also see that her irritability is connected her habitual use of the drugs and it?s getting in the way of her being a wife and mother.

Without condemning her, without lecturing her and without arguing with her, suggest the physical exam.

Maybe a different treatment plan will help her.

Let the doctor make an assessment of her overall physical health and her drug use, and yes I would suggest you have a conversation with the doctor because she will probably not tell the truth about her dependence.

Understand that she will probably fight you on anything to do with her drug use, so get ready for that now.

It sounds like she needs treatment and the doctor is the best place to start.

The drug use has to change, so you have your work cut out for you.

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