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crack cocaine

by Net

(st. louis mo.)

My husband is addicted to crack, and I’ve been going through it with him for 13yrs off and on. A few months ago he has been using almost everyday.

For 5 months he keep promising every time he is going to do better but it hasn’t changed yet. He’s spending the rent money, his car note money, and any money he gets goes for crack. All of our kids are grown now. and with all that being said I’m just tired and feel stuck in a no-win situation.

I love him so much I don’t wanna let him go. I love him and I don’t want to leave him but I feel he is at the point of no return and I just can’t keep going through it. I feel if I leave our marriage is over because he will hate me for leaving. I need help, I am an emotional wreck!

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You do need help and you are an emotional wreck.

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Net,

Wow you’ve really been going through it for 13 years. That’s such a long time to put up with the ravages that cocaine addiction causes.

Cocaine addiction is attacking you husband’s brain and turning him into someone who is capable of doing anything to get the drugs his brain is convincing him he NEEDS.

You need to get two things right away, information about addiction including how to get your husband to stop using, and support from others who have been where you’re at right now. Who understand what it is to be a complete wreck emotionally.

You can get both of the things you need at Al-anon. There are many, many Al-anon meetings everyday in the St. Louis area. I recommend that you go to two or three meetings a week to get support and to figure out what to do to help your husband to end his addiction and to get your lives back on track.

While at Al-anon, begin working the 12 steps and find a sponsor who can meet with you and help you work through this devastating problem.

Once you are comfortable and attending Al-anon regularly, try to get your husband to go with you for help. When you’re both working the 12 steps the chances of him moving into recovery increase significantly.

Good Luck,


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– Matthew 7:7-8

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