Daughter and son both IV drug users?

by Karen

I have a daughter and son both IV drug users. My son is in jail for 7 years and will be out of danger for that time period, but my daughter is strung out really bad on opiates and is 80 lbs, walking the streets and none of the local officials will help me at all.

I know if I don’t do something soon, she will be dead. I am so overwhelmed with the situation that I can’t function. I have put it in God’s hands, but I am struggling with my faith because for three years I have not seen any sign of hope.

Can you offer me some direction?


another hurting mom.

Force the Issue

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Karen,

It’s sad to hear that the local law enforcement officials in your town will not help you with your daughter. Although this sounds harsh, the best thing for her might be to get arrested and put behind bars, if for no other reason that she might be able to receive the proper medical treatment.
As an opiate addict, she really is out of control and can’t be trusted to hold a job, live with other people without stealing from them or causing misery and disruption in the home.

Her addiction is insanity, as she is committing suicide by the installment plan, so your fears are well founded. Perhaps a civil commitment can be ordered. You say she is 80 pounds and walking the streets.

Obviously she is incapable of making a proper decision, so why not force the issue. When you are at the end of your rope, that’s where God’s rope begins. When it seems as though every option has been taken away from you, you may discover that the situation is liberating because you can move in just about any direction.

You have been waiting for God to act, and I am sure he will. God uses people to accomplish his will, so I recommend a call to Al-anon, to a local treatment center, to county social services, to law enforcement and to you the local faith community to save your daughter. What do you have to lose?

As it is now, your daughter is lost to you, so be loud and ever present and start pushing buttons. The biggest problem you are fighting is your daughter’s free will. She is out there doing destructive things and she is calling the shots. That has to change, and long-term, she has to want that change. Until she is capable of making a good decision, you should force the issue.

Touched my heart

by: Anonymous

Your story really touches my heart. I feel terrible and wish i has some advice for you. I don’t know what to say but i will be praying for you and your daughter.

I surely hope your daughter gets help soon. Try your best not to give up which i know after all you have been through is so very hard. I wish i could just reach out and give you a hug and assure things will get better. Try not to give up on your faith. its the only thing that is for certain. God be with you and your family

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