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My son has uncontrollable impulses?

by Elena

My son has uncontrollable impulse to get food or buy things. He told me he tried heroin and marijuana. I took him to get inpatient rehab but the institution did not consider a need to get him inpatient because his lab did not show drug levels to help him.

My son steals from my home and pawns stuff to eat and to buy things irresponsibly. I don't want to send him to jail.

I need help!

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Consider getting your son mental health support.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Elena,

It sounds like your son is experiencing some kind of emotional disturbance and that your best action is to take him to a psychiatrist. A good psychiatrist can assess your son's situation and recommend the correct treatment options for him. Addiction centers only deal with addiction treatment and generally don't handle other types of emotional disturbances.

Each of use is unique and we respond differently to both legal and legal drugs. Your son my be predisposed to mental health issues and the drugs may have tipped the balance causing his mental health challenges to emerge. Drug abuse can cause emotional disturbance in some people.

Hopefully, with the correct mental health support and abstaining from any drug abuse, your son can stop these destructive habits/compulsions.

Good luck,


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