Want to help son?

Want to help son?

by Eileen

My 24 yr old son has become less family involved, gained weight, become pale, lost his ego, sleeps all day, goes out at weird hours, is late to work constantly, never has money, is mean to
everyone, does not care about his appearance, his attitude, denies drug use, denies everything, lies constantly about everything, I am frightened for him.

Does this sound like an addiction issue or psychological issue?

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Could be both

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Eileen,

It sounds like your son is depressed and may also be using drugs. Depression and drug abuse often co-occur and should be treated at the same time.

No money, always lying, and loss of interest in appearance are certainly early warning signs of drug abuse. Sleeping issues, and weight gain could be signs of depression.

If he lives with you I would make him go to a doctor for a checkup and let the doctor know your concerns prior to the appointment.

Drug abuse is very common particularly alcohol abuse and it can cause everything you describe. Getting him assessed will help give you a better idea of what might be going on with him and maybe how to help him to move forward.

Good Luck!

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