Daughter’s father Oxycotton addict?

by Tamala

My daughter’s father has an addiction to the oxycotton. I never used the zombie drug as I call it, and I would love to talk to someone who’s clean and their loved one uses it.

It’s so true we are the one with the problem he wants to see his daughter and what sort of mother am I to see him all screwed up and a needle in his arm and then yell at us.

The sad thing is there are people who have cancer and need the oxycotton and are trying
to beat cancer and you get people using it to get high. People are cancer free and still get the drug to sell it for money.

What is the world coming to, it so sad. Once you in can one get out of it, and yes we left him. I do love him and it breaks my heart he would put the drug before his family.

The Drug Takes Everything

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Tamala,

That is the nature of being addicted. The drug takes over every aspect of your life and no matter the consequences, you can’t stop using. He has made a dreadful choice.

He’d rather be an addict than a father and you are right not to be with him. Your daughter can’t be exposed to his drug use, so continue to protect her. It’s a terrible disease. He has to learn the hard way that his actions will produce negative consequences, such has losing access to his daughter.

Please give Al-Anon a call. They understand your difficulty and they’ll offer help and support.

Thank you!

by: Tamala

Thank you for getting in touch with me as there must be so many people who need the support and to know that we are not alone.

It seems the problem is only getting bigger all the drugs that help people and turning it into speed or heroin base it so sad as there are people that need them to get better what the governments doing about it nothing and it destroying people and families.

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