Drug Addiction Heroin

Drug Addiction Heroin

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Drug Addiction Heroin Use

Drug addiction heroin, is on the rise again.

Heroin is in the opiate classification of drugs and is derived from morphine. It was originally developed in the 1800’s by German scientists as a safe and non-addictive answer to morphine, which was originally thought to be non-habit forming. However, like morphine, heroin is highly addictive and is widely abused. Unlike morphine it has no medical use.

Often sold as a powder

Heroin is most commonly sold in the form of a powder, either white or brown, but it is sometimes seen as either dark brown or black ooze, sticky to the touch. Users will most commonly inject it directly into their veins, a practice that contributes to the spread of HIV and Hepatitis as the result of using dirty needles.

Often users start with alcohol and pot.

Heroin is rarely the first drug that somebody will try. People come to it in a number of different ways. Recreational users will start with alcohol and marijuana before venturing to more dangerous and stronger drugs like heroin.

Opiate pain medications such as OxyContin are also drugs that lead to heroin. Oxy abusers enjoy the rush they get from the drug, but quickly learn that the prescription pain medications are VERY expensive (especially on the street), so they turn to the cheaper street drug, hence a drug addiction heroin begins.

They do not necessarily know what the heroin is cut with, so it’s ALWAYS a risky move. People who use the opiate pain medication for legitimate purposes often wind up ignoring the doctor’s instructions, taking too much drug, too often, and that leads to dependence and addiction.

Heroin addiction is a disease of the brain.

Heroin addiction is a brain disease caused by chronic use over time, characterized by the inability of the user to stop. The brain chemistry actually changes and the heroin FEEDS the brain exactly what it needs to function “normally”.

The adaptability of the brain is what makes us a flexible as we are as human beings, but it also makes us susceptible to drug addiction heroin. Heroin addicts are constantly seeking the drug and will do almost anything to get their fix.

The drug changes brain chemistry and the addicts is impaired by his/her inability to make good choices, act in their own best interest and is in serious jeopardy of developing harmful health problems.

Heart attacks very common in Heroin overdose

Heroin will depress the central nervous system and this causes a variety of problems and potentially deadly results. Because it impacts the central nervous system, it will slow respiration and this can lead to overdose.

The heart slows down and cardiac arrest is not uncommon. People will feel drowsy long after the high is gone and experience muddled thinking. These are common symptoms of drug addiction heroin.

Only feel “NORMAL” when using

Over time user develop a dependence on the drug. That is, they need to take it in order to feel “normal” and without it they cannot function. Heroin addicts can become very manipulative and deceitful, because they life is all about using.

They are constantly seeking heroin and will allow their family relationships, professional relationships and friendships all fall by the wayside in favor of getting and using the drug. They will spend all their money and any other money they can steal, that’s part of the disease of drug addiction heroin.

Why do they start?

So what do people want from this drug in the first place? People want the “rush” they get, caused by how rapidly the drug enters the brain when injected or inhaled.

Thus euphoric feeling gives them a sense that all is well and they are “normal” and for addicts this may be the only time they feel good all day. Addicts will have to use more and more drug to achieve the same high.

Opiate addicts often start out on prescription pain medications, such as OxyContin, Vicodin or like drugs, but they soon realize that buying from street hustlers is expensive, so they turn to the heroin, which is less expensive to buy on the street.

Withdrawal from drug addiction heroin is EXTREMELY unpleasant but not fatal.

Users are worried about having enough dope to function because coming down from heroin is not pleasant. Users may experience pain, muscle and bone pain, and will be restless, unable to sleep or get comfortable. Sometimes users fear the withdrawal more than the negative effects of the drug, so they avoid treatment.

However, heroin withdrawal is not fatal—uncomfortable, but not fatal. The withdrawal will be at its worst from 24-48 hours and it is usually gone before a week is up. But that isn’t the only withdrawal symptom that characterizes the addiction.

Brain changes and user thinks they NEED the drug to survive that’s when you know they have a drug addiction heroin.

Understand that the brain has been change, so the user still thinks they need the drug. They have cravings. Many drugs will do this, not just heroin. It is not difficult to understand that relapse is a part of this disease, even after a person has gone into treatment.

Must get drug entirely out of the system before treatment can really begin.

Addicts NEED treatment!

Drug addicts need treatment. This an OBVIOUS statement but many, many people won’t listen and refuse to get treated for their drug addiction heroin.

The heroin addict will probably go through medical detoxification first, to rid their system of the opiate. This procedure, done under a doctor’s care, is designed to make the withdrawal process tolerable.

Once the drug is out of their system, the real work can begin. Treatment is all about learning how to live a healthy and happy life without the heroin. Because the lure of the rush or the high is so strong, users will relapse and have to start the whole process over again.

AA, NA or church based support groups are a wonderful place for an addict to begin treatment. Because addiction and the drug have taken over their mind, an addict has to re-learn right from wrong and what is good for them and what is not. 12 step programs can help teach them that.

This ends the info on drug addiction heroin click here to return to Causes

and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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