Drug and Alcohol Dependence Questions

by Shannon

Hello, we are a family in need of desperate help. My name is Shannon, and I have my older sister who is going to die if we don’t find her help. The family has tried and tried to get through to her but after countless efforts have gotten nowhere with her using.

I don’t know where to begin but she has several times been and this is ER and doctors tells us hours as in three or so if that hours till death. She has been hospitalized several times because of her use of extremely life threatening things so many I can’t name right now. She was told she has stills disease about fifteen years ago and has been mixing several different drugs and shooting them anywhere possible.

I myself being her closest sister in fact was closest person to her have doubts of the stills disease, knowing she is the type of person to do research and find ways to get more drugs for her horrible habit. My family doesn’t have a lot of money and are at loses what to do to help her, she won’t admit anything. We are watching her slowly kill herself. We feel all that is left is an intervention, and somewhere to take her if she’s willing after.

Please, please I beg someone help us before it is too late for her. Paige is 39 now and has been using for a good I would guess 15 yrs. She was an active loved, still loved person. We have lost her as of now. Once again I am begging someone to help me find the steps to take to find help. I did say she wouldn’t admit to her using but she has to a few people so maybe there is hope.

Please yours truly Shannon

by Anthony

I am 14 and I am addicted to drugs or was and I need help to stay clean?

My teenager(19) is using Marijuana and he refuses to quit, he says it helps him to be more creative and it is his life and he will do what he wants.

We have gone to a drug counselor but he refuses to quit. What can I do?

I have been in pain mgt for 6 months and ALL of the meds have made me extremely ill. Hydrocodone was perfect and I only took 4 of the 10/500.

Because of the second back surgery, I did need one more in 24 hours. The PM MD would not use it and jumped to Opana ER and IR and withing 6 weeks had me up to 30mg ER q12hr with the 10ngIR for breakthrough.

I was vomiting all of the time and was dizzy. After two months he lowered it to the 20mg which made no difference. Then one 20mgER q24hr with the IR for the rest – still sick. Changed to Oxycontin and oxycodone which even at 10mg made me sicker.

Then he gave me Nucynta which was the worst yet. He refused to see me the next morning after an entire night of vomiting AFTER THREE DOSES of the Nucynta. He told his nurse to tell me to STOP MEDs for 72 hours and then start the Nucynta again. He did not take withdrawal into consideration !!!!!

I had no intention of EVER taking the Nucynta toxin again. I was given fluids by my internist on Monday (6-6). Internist called PM MD to ask about using Subutex for pain until I see a neuro for a spine stim this Friday.

He was not too receptive and wanted to perhaps use Suboxone. Will Subtex at a low dose help with my back pain which is way passed 10? I don’t want to use Suboxone as the naltrexone would negate any pain med given by this new surgeon. Is this an option since the PM MD will not give me hydrocodone?

I have had no meds for 7 days now and I had no help with this withdrawal and subsequent detox. My need for pain control is real and is the reason for a spinal cord stimulator. I do not want to take meds if I can avoid them.

Right now something is needed besides my TENS unit and the 3 acetaminaphen and 1 extra strength tylenol. That combo was recommended for some relief by my internist. It does help, minimally. It is not for use for more than a few days.

by James

Like most alcoholics I suppose I know the answer. I am unable no matter how hard I try to stop drinking and don’t have insurance. I am at present unemployed and though I’ve been to rehab twice I can’t quit drinking.

I am 57 yr old male and at the end of my life ( not suicidal ) just diagnosticly with hep c (12 yrs) and would love to spend the last years in sobriety.

If there is anyway you could give me info on what to do or where to go I am willing to give up everything I own just to live in some form of sanity so I don’t miss what precious I have left of time with my children without being an total idiot alcoholic.

by Mine


I am 34-male addicted to codeine syrup from years and my maximum dose was sometimes gone to 13 bottles of syrup contains 10 mg codeine each. Now my heart working is 24% as per ECG. I feel something moving in upper neck head when I take 2-3 bottles. Is there help for me?

I just want to share my experience. So I will write everything if you permit.

Thank you

by Kim

Does someone in recovery only attend group meetings rather than get professional therapy as well?

by Ozz

(Bethapge, NY USA)

Partner’s 21 yr old addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. He has a 3 yr old no custody and we have had to raise her. I don’t have children and completely lost myself in this addiction.

Partner enables–has gotten better but not good enough. He has come close to death 2-3 times. I packed up my stuff on Sat 6/4 from NH and got in my car back to NY.

I love my partner but not this situation anymore. what are chances she will move to me and away from that. She calls everyday to say i love you miss you and wish things were different.

Right now I need recovery help. I am so angry–have had bouts of anger and destruction and control over this. Lost here in NY.

What are some of the medical problems resulting from crystal meth abuse?

My son has been a heroin addict for 18 yrs we have tried everything to help him stop but he always returns to it.

Six yrs ago his girlfriend got pregnant she is also a heroin addict. When the baby was born social services was going to place her in care so we stepped in after they begged us to help them we said ok. If u promise to get off drugs so they came to live with us for several months and stayed clean for just over 2 yrs.

We were so proud of them and gave them a lot of support and encouragement. Prior to this his girlfriend had 2 other children taken away from her because of her addiction and they are now fostered by her x partners mother.

They were crying when they confessed that they had returned to drugs and said they felt terrible for letting us down. I said u have let your daughter down the most u should get help to get off it asap.

It’s now 2 yrs on and they say they are coming down on their methodone. But i know they still take something.

I did contact social services a year ago to say that i was concerned for my granddaughter’s welfare but they took 4 wks before they saw them then they didn’t get back to me to let me know what they thought.

I did ring up to complain and found out the social worker was on maternity leave. I complained to manager she looked at the case and said the social worker didn’t find anything to worry about. That they were reducing their methadone so that was the end of that.

We love her (our granddaughter) so much we go to visit but we don’t stay at their house anymore. She keeps asking us to sleep at her house which i feel so bad about. But it’s so hard i said unless they sort themselves out we will just keep in contact for our granddaughter’s sake.

They live far away from us so we go every couple of months. I don’t trust his girlfriend at all as i had asked her so many times before they confessed they were back on drugs if they were. I can tell through so many yrs experience.

I don’t know if i should contact social services again as it’s now another yr on and i worry about my granddaughter. I know she doesn’t have a healthy diet because they never have money they are both so thin and look ill to me. I keep asking them to go to detox but they say no they want to reduce until they are on about 10 mls of methadone.

Life is so hard at times my husband even had a heart attack 2 yrs ago my son has caused so much heartache to us both.

When he was in his 20’s we detoxed twice at home he has detoxed in hospital on a 5 day detox programme we took him to a special centre yrs ago because he had detoxed and they help people who were drug addicts they test them everyday he was only there a day so they brought him back to us we were devastated.

Does anyone have any advice for me please!

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