Drug and Alcohol Questions

by Mike

I have a question, which neurotransmitter is disrupted when someone uses cocaine? How does cocaine effect the brain and is it different from how heroin effects the brain?

by Jyotika

(New Zealand)

My boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend are “P” addicts and now that she is a few weeks pregnant, they are wanting to keep the baby.

I do not think this is a good idea but everybody is telling me to mind my own business. How could I when I am studying towards early childhood education and childrens’ health is my main concern?

I need advise!!

by Lou

Could you answer a question for me please? I understand that addiction can and, often is genetic. My question is how that relates to someone who is a manic depressive?

Is there not a chemical make-up in the brain of an addict that prevents them from stopping their addiction, much like a person with depression
has a chemical issue in their brain preventing them from not feeling depressed?

With regard to the depressed person, has anything been developed to change that chemical imbalance other than the regular anti-depressants and if not, could there ever be such a thing?

My girlfriend, a manic depressant, says she does
not understand why an addict cannot just quit after going through treatment. To which I said it’s much like her issue with being depressed.

To a certain extent, they cannot control it. And she vehemently disagrees and say they are very different. I said it’s strange someone in your position isn’t more sympathetic to someone with addiction.

You can imagine how well that went over huh? Nevertheless, please help me get it straight and hopefully help me win this disagreement. 🙂

I finally told her, “Oh honey, you’re not depressed, you’re just bummed I’m right? LOL

Is there a chemical balance issue with regard to some with addiction?

Thank you for your time. If there is ever a drug that can correct that imbalance in a depressed person I understand they’d be a zillionaire but, I
need the first bottle okay?

by Janet

I am sure my son is on heroin, I have found needles and other items which confirm my worries.

What I can’t understand is he works 7am to 6pm, 5 days a week an I am wondering how does he go through the day?

Is it possible how can he manage this an be addicted to heroin?

How can we help him to stop this without loosing his job?

Where can we go for help?

by Jeane

I would love to know more about your program. I have a married son who is an alcoholic and its affecting his family life.

As a mom I want to see him get help before it ruins his family life.

Is there help available for him through your program?

by DLC

Please tell me side effects of OxyConton (meth?)

How long can someone be on it and cover up side effects

How much is it for a drug addict (that is on the street)

The reason is I think a loved one is on this drug-

Does it make one lie habitually ?

(maybe reason is to get next fix)

Please tell me how to find out what drug this person may be on-I need to help

Symptoms of this person was a personality change almost over night or
certainly within a short period of time-habitual lying (HUGE lies) -cold
hatred- ran away from parents -lied about them-won’t return

Very concerning

by Yvette

My loved one is addicted to crack cocaine how do I help?

by Max

(South Africa )

Hi My Wife uses some kind of drug(White Powder), because she has this regular tummy pains ,she illuminates a lot of mood swings, back pains and has no patients what’s so ever.

We have a 3 year old son. I am busy fighting for my son in the high court as I write this e-mail to you. What can we do?

She says that she doesn’t have a problem and she drinks as well.

by Marsha

I would like to find the best info for my sister to read. My nephew is a prescription drug addict and is facing jail time again.

She is busy questioning her parenting skills and hurting very bad.

I would like info to help her understand how this addiction works and why.

Please advise what would be the best book I could buy for her.

Her son is almost 30 and not a teen.

by Chelsey


I have been on pages and pages of amphetamine addiction signs and some of them signs match my problems.

What and where do i go from here, I want to control this not it controlling me!

by Anesha

I am ready to end a 4 year relationship with a man who has mental/alcohol/drug problems (I only started finding out about this a year and a half into our relationship).

I need to know where to find support/counseling in the Kansas City, Kansas area.

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