Drug-Addiction-Support.org offers four new classes

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Drug-Addiction-Support.org offers four new classes

by Debbie Wicker


Summary: Drug-Addiction-Support.org will begin offering four new online classes September 12, 2017, to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in themselves or their loved one.

Drug-Addiction-Support.org offers four new classes

For Immediate release: If you have a friend or family member who is an addict, you may be hoping to have a conversation with them about change, but you don’t know how. If you are an addict yourself, it’s a conversation you need to have, but you might not be ready for it. 

Beginning in September, Drug-Addiction-Support.org will offer four new classes that will teach you how to use motivation, affirmation and encouragement to help end addiction in yourself or a loved one.  Each class will focus on an evidence-based concept of how to illicit positive change in yourself or in someone you care about. Ending addiction is all about learning to change, and these classes will teach you the methods that research has shown to be effective for beginning that change.  

The introductory class, Addiction 101, will run for 60 minutes and is offered free-of-charge. The three subsequent classes will run for one hour on four consecutive weeks at a cost of $29 each.
The Classes
Addiction 101
--an introduction to recovery
Intervention--Detachment and Change-Talk as an alternative to "tough-love".
Change Talk--a building-block for addiction recovery
Effective Conversations--learning to connect for recovery
Addiction 101 is a free class that will give you an overview of the key concepts of addiction that many people do not understand.  At the same time, it will introduce the three subsequent classes that will be offered to train and equip addicts and their families to use motivation and encouragement as a basis for change. Ending addiction is fundamentally about change, and research has shown that the more we understand about change, the more likely it is that change will occur. Addiction 101 will define addiction, explain the stages of change and introduce the three related classes that will follow.

Addiction 101 will be offered beginning September 12 using the LearnItLive (an easy-to-use, completely-online learning platform). 
Intervention will explore the complex reasons why people are either successful or unsuccessful in their recovery, why people don’t want to get into treatment, and why, no matter how many times people go into a program, it just doesn’t work.  Motivation with encouragement to change is the process which successfully leads addicts through the stages of change, from being unwilling to change and in denial, through maintaining a sober life.

Intervention will be offered beginning October 4 using the LearnItLive platform.

Change Talk is a class about recognizing and encouraging any discussion about change. The more we talk about change, the more likely we are to actually change. There are tricks and techniques to eliciting change talk that will be presented in the course.  Research has shown that change talk is an important building block in addiction recovery.

 Change Talk starts on November 1 using the LearnItLive platform.

Effective Conversations will focus on open-ended discussion, affirming support, reflective listening and will summarize all change discussion and how conversations structured in this way facilitate addiction recovery.

Effective Conversations will begin on December 6 using the LearnItLive platform described above.
Visit http://Drug-Addiction-Support.org/Help-Line.html for additional information or to register for the classes.
Drug-Addiction-Support.org is a comprehensive website on drug and alcohol addiction, which answers questions about addiction and seeks to help visitors find the resources needed to move past drug and/or alcohol addiction and into recovery. Since its debut in 2008, the site has received and answered more than 5,000 questions about addiction and recovery. Contact Debbie Wicker at [email protected] for more information.

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- Matthew 7:7-8

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