Finally escaped!!!!

by Deanha

(Burnley, uk)

Hi, well where do you begin when you’re sharing your story of your addiction?

There’s that much to say, and so many tales to tell. I became involved in heroin at the age of 17 and was an addict for nearly 8 years the life. My life was hell at first I thought “I’ll be fine, I’m only dabbling, I won’t get addicted”.

But before I knew it I was totally dependant on the little wrap of brown powder I used to chase every day, slowly I lost my family and friends and became a full time junkie.

The things I did to support my habit like stealing off my own mother, yes it’s disgusting I know and I’d never do that now I’m clean but back then all I knew and wanted was heroin.

I found it’s such a downgrading drug, it eventually takes everything from you, your looks, your mates and even the people you love most.

When I look back I can’t think of anything fun or good about being a heroin addict the only good thing I got out of it is the strength to say no in the future and the person its made me today, see I’m clean now and have been for almost 3 years, the life I lead now is amazing compared to the life I used to lead.

I wouldn’t change a thing in my life now, I’ve got my friends and family back and most importantly I’ve got my one and only nephew back and I’m a very active auntie now and do my best at being a auntie.

I try to do my best at everything I do now and plan on carrying on going the right way and chasing my dreams.

People don’t believe addicts can get clean well my answer to that is “well look at me I did it I’m living proof it can happen” and if I can do it so can you, I had a big heroin addiction and I FINALY ESCAPED, and so can you, you just have to be both physically ready and mentally ready and most importantly you have to keep the faith,

Thank you for reading,
keep smiling 😉
Deanha, Burnley (uk)

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