From CHAOS to Control

My name is Paul, I spent 20 years in an active Addiction, I was Homeless, living on the streets for several years until I found help through a treatment center. I at the time had NO idea of what I was doing other than living to use and using to live.

My choice of drug was ALL drugs, what I really LOVED was Crystal Meth !!! I would have sold my first child for ONE MORE LINE !!! Even after finding help, the WITHDRAWAL was Hell !

I have come to realize after being clean and Sober over 24 years now, that the reason for my using was due to UNDERLYING ISSUES that I didn’t want to deal with or didn’t know how to deal with, as early as my childhood days !!

I have completed 2 Documentaries on the subject of Addiction and Re-entry issues that were shown on A&E TV ! One of the Docs discuss Addiction, it’s signs and symptoms, the other discusses what is needed for Addicts and those Incarcerated once realeased how to maintain life !

Re-entry into Society is a very serious issue which needs to be Addressed ! I can be reached at 1-302-325-4285 for more info !!

Thank you, Love and Peace !

Paul Houdart, by the way I live in Delaware !

From CHAOS to Control

by: Lynette

Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad you are in recovery!!

I am printing your story and info. to give to my son who is a drug addict and is now in jail. I believe from what he is saying that he is ready to get clean. Maybe he’ll get in touch with you sometime.

Have you ever heard of the book “Healing the Addictive Brain”? I heard of it on the Dr. Phil show and just ordered it.

GOOD LUCK and I’ll pray for you and thanks again for sharing-Lynette

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